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  1. That's amazing, I think I'm right in saying that's about what the wettest places in the UK get in a whole year! Here in the Pennine Rainshadow it would take 3-4 years to reach that amount.
  2. Merry Christmas and happy new year! 2010 will be the big one!

  3. I love these clips from Mock the Weeks News Reel... Prince Phillip Nicolas Sarkozy & The Royal Family Boris Johnson and Buses http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TT2fZJR9JC0
  4. Morning Jon! Better late than never! Welcome to Netweather Hope you're enjoying the rollercoaster on here and not getting too confused with all the different views and mood swings
  5. Happy Birthday!

    Why can't I find a girl like you!

  6. In case anyone's wondering i'm not bothering with this any more. Sorry if anyone found it interesting.
  7. Good to see someone from Jarra on here! I'm there quite a lot at my Grans, and I lived in Hebburn until 4 years ago. Welcome to the forum!

  8. Welcome to Netweather. You a photographer? Your name makes me think of the Canon EOS and snapping photos :)

  9. Another pretty good snow event, this time an area of heavy snow was travelling down from the North, as shown on this radar image. Had a good spell of heavy snow in the afternoon followed by some heavy showers in the evening. I also went up to Waskerley on the moors again, there wasn't any more there than at home but here's a few pics. Also had thunder snow on the night, a huge flash followed by and almost instant bang, very exciting!
  10. A decent cold spell with North Easterly winds bringing some snow showers to this area. It never really amounted to much but Saturday, Sunday and Monday saw coverings in Stanley. Here's a couple of charts from the GFS archive from the 22nd. An image from the radar archive from the 22nd showing a feed of showers coming in on the NE wind. Here's a couple of pics from my trip up to the moors near Consett on the 22nd. Mark. :lol:
  11. I would have to agree with that. And as Paul says the Premiership is quite boring when you put it like that. Being a Newcastle fan though is always exciting
  12. Here's something that makes me laugh. I've been listening to some of Wikipedias new audio articles and I found this one... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buffalo_buffa...Buffalo_buffalo Go to the bottom and click on the play button on the right. Maybe it's just me but I find it really funny, especially after 50 seconds.
  13. It's funny that, the Premiership discussion has 183 replies, and this has 642! There's 4 more teams and 8 more games but it's still suprising. I think you'll stay up next year, I can see Stoke really struggling though.
  14. I feel gutted for you Andy. Stoke fans don't deserve to be promoted if they act like that.
  15. Unlucky Andy. Fans on the pitch before the end too, stupid!
  16. Of course Not looking good for you http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.gif
  17. Sounds like John sent off for the Saints! Hope yet for Leicester if Sheff Utd can take advantage. EDIT maybe not, if that game finishes a draw Leicester would still go down.
  18. This is great fun to watch and listen to, i'm just pleased I don't support any of these teams! Here's Nicks link again, it's very helpful. http://www.sportinglife.com/football/live/...s/cc_champ.html
  19. Go to My Controls at the top right, the under personal profile click Edit Avatar Settings. On there you can select a file from your PC or link to a picture on the internet. Hope that helps WM beat me to it!
  20. Another good snow event up here, it's turning out to be a good winter This time it was an area of precipitation moving slowly south with cold northerly winds digging in behind. There was a warm sector of air coming into eastern parts, shown on the chart below, which mean there was no snow at low levels in the east, but up here on higher ground we had a few hours of snow, from about 11am - 4pm. Here is the snow on the Netweather radar not long before it cleared south. And heres a photo from my house late afternoon after getting sent home from work early :unsure: It's hard to say how much fell, with the winds being strong some parts had little snow settling whereas other places had a few inches. Next day I went up to Waskerley on the moors and got some more pics, heres just a couple of them. These entries are getting longer every time! Mark
  21. Deepest snow this winter! All came from a low pressure system crossing the country with lots of rain and cold air from the north turning it to snow. Here's the Netweather radar showing accumilated rainfall between 8 am - 8 pm, most of which fell as snow on higher ground in the north. Here's the setup for the day showing the LP and cold air from the north. Started to settle about 9:30 in Consett, County Durham, and from then on it just built up all day, hardly stopping. Heres some photos. First one about 12:00, next two about 13:30, next one at 16:00 and last one at 17:00. A realistic estimate would be 4 inches. A very nice day! Mark.
  22. Turned out to be quite a good easterly up here. Snow showers on and off through the day left about 2 inches of lying snow. Heres two pics from my car at work in Consett around lunchtime. By the time I left work at 5pm there was a fair bit more. Got home to a good covering too, slightly less than Consett but it still must have been around 2 inches. Heres a couple of pics that show the depth at about 8 pm on the evening. Woke up to rain the next morning but it turned back to snow for a short time at about 8am. Just about gone now at 7pm on the 4th. Mark.
  23. Any hope of getting the member lists back on soon? It's always good to see how many are in the thread and who's posting. The site doesn't seem as busy tonight with the 'event' over for many.
  24. First snow of the season! Westerly winds bring milder weather and rain from the west but as it comes up against the cold air it turns to snow. Ground above about 150m had a good couple of hours of persistant snow which was pretty unexpected. There were a couple of inches around this area in places like Consett. Not expecting anything in Stanley I drove up to the moors towards Stanhope where its about 500m asl. On the way it started snowing quite heavy and by the time I got up there the snow was already settling everywhere including on the roads making it very slippery. I got close to Stanhope and then turned back. By this time the roads were very dangerous, I was sliding from side to side even on a straight road at about 15mph, pretty scary. Got back to Stanley to find a good inch there too so I didn't really have to head to the moors. Heres some photos I took up there. It did get deeper after those were taken, that was just on my way. Coming back I just wanted out of there so I didn't take any more. Mark.
  25. Most of the time I wasn't getting far enough to select the radar, I could sometimes sign in but then it wouldn't display the Extra home page. The one time I got through to the Extra homepage I selected the standard radar which used to work on my phone. If I get to the Extra homepage again I will bookmark it, then I might have a better chance of seeing the radar.
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