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  1. I'm arriving on Monday afternoon and staying at the Best Western west airport freeway. Can't believe how close it is now!
  2. Hi Christina, I've managed with a travel tripod in the past which just fits in my camera bag. It's broken now so I'm unsure whether to keep space for a normal one or get a new small one, but I'd say definitely take one, it's pretty essential for night time lightning unless you want to balance your camera on walls or railings or the top of the car! I think the meal Paul mentioned on the night before is the 8th. The tour officially starts on the 9th but some of us are getting there early.
  3. I'm arriving on the 8th too, haven't decided on the hotel yet but I'll get that booked soon. What time have people booked the flight home? I can't remember what I normally go for, is 15:45 too early? There's a 19:05 option but I don't know if that's a bit late. Been putting off booking my flights for ages since I missed the best prices, but I just have to bite the bullet now. Getting excited now! Looking forward to meeting some old faces and plenty of new ones too, and I'll be around on the evening of the 8th if we're having a get together EDIT: Flights booked Exciting times!
  4. So pleased you mentioned that about Newcastle. I hadn't even considered Newcastle and was looking at going from Manchester via Chicago. Just got to decide whether to fly out a day early or not now for tour 1.
  5. Nearly into 2017! Then it starts feeling close Just started looking about for flights now and there are some decent prices about. Is it best to aim to get there around midday / early afternoon or is early evening ok? When are the others on tour 1 arriving? I know occasionally there's been a bonus chase on arrival day so I'll aim for an earlier arrival, and I wouldn't want to be the only one needing picked up later!
  6. Booked my place on tour 1 a couple of weeks back and I can't wait to get out there again for the first time in 6 years! Always an amazing trip even if the weather isn't kind.
  7. Unfortunately it's raining even here in Stanley, the snow is melting already. It was great to see though, hopefully there'll be a bit left in the morning.
  8. Puppy is loving his first snow. Really good covering here now and I can hear a car struggling. That's gone a bit wrong sorry.
  9. I turned down overtime at 2.2x pay, they thought I was mad! Still coming down heavy here and even though it's quite windy there's still the feeling of calm and quiet that snow brings.
  10. This is really impressive! Everything is covered, must be a couple of cm's already and lots more to come on radar. As Cloud10 says I don't think it's an exaggeration to call these genuine blizzard conditions. EDIT: I'm not in Nottingham, been back in Stanley for nearly 2 years!
  11. Things developing very quickly in the last 10-15 mins in N England ahead of the main band. This is looking good I think it's finally happening. I'm thinking I might need to drive west soon.
  12. Just left work and getting the metro to jarrow to collect my car then I think I'll be going down maybe to Sutton bank near Thirsk. The view from up there is amazing.
  13. Is anyone else still on Internet Explorer 5. I'm at work and can't post on the forum, no box to type in, I can only post here. Any way around it? Thanks.

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  14. Off work today and I'm planning a drive west towards the Pennines later. It's ages since I've chased any storms in the UK and I've got my appetite back now. Hoping they will develop in a similar position to last night so I can head up to the top of the moors at Waskerley. I'm wishing I was off tomorrow too though, Met Office warning just out... http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/warnings/#?regionName=uk&tab=map Might have to take my camera to work and try to get away early.
  15. This was Friday 8th February in Aberfeldy, Scotland. Went for a walk in the woods and came across weird patches of white on some tree branches. The first one I saw I thought some plastic had got wrapped around it or something, then I started seeing more. They were just randomly dotted around, most of the forest was clear of any frost or ice but then some places it was really thick. Has anyone else seen this before? It was new to me I was really confused, in fact I still am confused about how exactly it forms and why it's only on the odd branch. From a quick read online it looks like it forms when there's freezing mist and a gentle breeze. It was only just below freezing the night before and it was misty. Here are the photos, first one just to show that most of the forest was clear... And here's some from the rest of the holiday... Mark.
  16. Thanks for posting that NL, wish I'd been in the area last night and today. I'm about 2-3 hours drive from the east coast here, plus my car is currently stuck under a big heavy fence that I can't move from yesterday so I had no chance! I'm moving back to Stanley soon so it'll be nice to get involved on here a bit more The Midlands thread is nowhere near as good.
  17. I've got the same worries, I'm not 100% sure if I can make it yet because of potentially losing my job, but it's hard to feel confident that it's actually going ahead anyway. If I hadn't already been three times I would be worried I was being scammed. The first year I went in 2009 it seemed relatively well organised with paperwork to sign and a info pack etc and dates and availability on here from about a year in advance. This year there's been nothing since I paid the deposit, only a "Welcome to Netweather Extra" email after I paid which in itself doesn't look good because I wasn't paying for Netweather Extra! Anyway I hope things become clear soon and I hope I am able to go. As soon as I know about my job I will let Netweather know, just as I would hope they would let us know what's going on.
  18. Did an amazing job of missing everything here so far. The ground is dry and was only slightly dampened for a few minutes last night. I don't have very high hopes for today, but I'll certainly be keeping an eye on the radar.
  19. My girlfriend was up at her parents just east of York last night and it sounded like a great storm there yesterday evening. She reported lots of lightning and loud thunder and a spell of intense rain. I was gutted I wasn't there! It looks like that area could be in line for more this evening, I'm not going up there until tomorrow night After reading through this thread today I think I'll be waking up in the middle of the night thinking about Newton Popplefield Weather!. Here at Nottingham Weather it's cloudy and warm. I'd take some torrential downpours tomorrow, not expecting much thundery activity but at least there is a chance, something to hold my interest. Good luck everyone.
  20. Anyone else booked on the last tour starting on 12th June from Denver? That's the one I'm going on with my girlfriend, her exam dates mean it's the only one we could do.
  21. I'm not building my hopes up at all for any thunder and lightning. I'm mainly just excited about the rainfall, hoping for an early morning drive to check out some flooding around the area. I think if there are storms they are most likely to be out to sea, so a trip to the coast might be a possibility for me. No strikes in the UK for the last hour according to the Netweather detector.
  22. Did anyone just see that BBC national forecast? He really ramped up the extent of the rainfall in the North East. The regional one was useless, didn't look anywhere near as severe and she said we were only under a yellow warning, maybe it wasn't done live? Plenty of flashy lightning symbols around too on the national forecast.
  23. Looks like I came to the right place! Nice to see that amber warning for the North East. I'm thinking the best place might end up being the coast, I get the feeling there could be some storms out in the North Sea. I'm in Jarrow tonight, ready to drive to see something, but at the moment I think there's more chance I'll be driving around looking at floods than driving to see lightning, but we'll see. It's going to be an interesting evening/night. Nice to be back on this thread, the Midlands one just isn't the same.
  24. I totally agree about the difference between Germany and Austria. I have just been visiting my girlfriend again in Innsbruck, we went to Munich on the train and I found people there more serious and intimidating, but everything did seem very efficient. Even our Macdonalds order was ready before we had even finished paying! I've flown into Innsbruck three times in the last 8 months and it's always amazing. While there I have seen a large plane have an aborted landing. Each of my flights there have been very smooth. I'm so in love with Innsbruck now, I'm really going to miss it. Visited my girlfriend three times while she studies there and loved it every time. It helps having her there because she speaks very good German, but most speak good English and most seem very polite and welcoming. I'm gutted about my luck with storms though, failed to see any while I was there, I left on Saturday afternoon and there was a storm on Saturday night, with more to come this week. To make things worse there was a storm very close to Nottingham on Saturday while I was travelling back! I love Innsbruck though, I would recommend it to everyone and I can't wait to visit again some day.
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