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  1. What a day! Best day of the 5 tours I've done. Stunning tornado and amazing structure and colours...
  2. Sounds fine to me if I get there in enough time. Get to LHR at 13:10 then got to get to T3 and through security etc. This time next week we'll be in the air! Anyone looked at the models? I'm not very good with them but the first few days look quite promising to me but keeps changing.
  3. Yeah that's the one. 3 weeks and counting
  4. I should get into Heathrow 1.5 hours before our flight so I'd be up for meeting Only 24 days to go!
  5. Good luck hopefully Colorado delivers again today. Can't believe how quick the days pass by, day 6 already! Have a great day everyone there
  6. The WeatherHolidays facebook page (part of Netweather) had the live stream although at times I was the only one watching! I believe it was also on the normal Netweather page though, it was patchy early on but improved after midnight.
  7. Some really good footage on the stream tonight lovely looking structure and nice lightning looking forward to seeing some photos and videos.
  8. Lovely temperature drop here, hit a high of 20.3C at 15:25 and now at 17:00 it's 16.5C with light rain and an amazing petrichor smell so much fresher and more comfortable, love it!
  9. Good luck Tour 1. Looking forward to seeing the pictures and videos and catching some of the live streaming too.
  10. Hi Tom Don't think I've been on a tour with you since 2010 so it'll be good to see you and the now famous Chicken George again! Looking forward to seeing more of Denver and Colorado too, I think I've only been there on one out of my 4 tours and loved it. 6 weeks today until most of us on Tour 4 will be arriving/meeting up in Denver. Feels like it's taken months just to get from 8 weeks to 6 weeks but getting there slowly.
  11. It really does become an addiction, I wasn't supposed to be going this year but I couldn't resist! Sounds great I've never been to Denver, just passed by on a previous tour. I've landed in Dallas all the other times I've been.
  12. Hi This will be my 5th time and I'm just as excited as I was the first time, if not more! It seems most of us are on the later BA flight on the 23rd. Are you arriving on the 11th or 12th? I'm sure you'll have an amazing time, even taking away the storms it's such a great experience travelling around the states with a lovely bunch of crazy people, eating amazing food and having a few drinks too. Fingers crossed for plenty of supercells and some tornados but even on down days there's always something interesting and memorable to do and sometimes the odd slower paced relaxing day c
  13. Regarding the tripod, I'd strongly advise against getting a cheap one there! I got one last time and it was the most useless tripod I've ever had and prevented me taking long exposures of lightning if there was the slightest breeze. Had to tape it up within a few days too as it was broken pretty much out of the box. There may be some better ones available somewhere like Best Buy but I'm planning on getting a decent (£40-50) travel tripod before I go this time.
  14. Can't wait! Already got you on facebook but anyone else going feel free to add me. Here's a link https://www.facebook.com/mark.pritchard.965 or if you search Mark Pritchard I have an awful selfie where I'm dressed for a wedding. Hoping to replace it with one with a tornado in the background fingers crossed!
  15. No I think I'll be going from Edinburgh via Chicago. It's cheaper and easier.
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