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  1. All quiet again here, though it feels far less oppressive even with the moderate amount of rain we had. Hopefully this cloud cover will persist and the temp tonight will be cool enough to get a decent amount of sleep.
  2. You never know. Radar shows the rain building westward, so you might get lucky! *fingers crossed for you*
  3. Some rumbles of thunder and showers around at the moment. Doesn’t seem to be anything very severe, and still humid in spite of the rain.
  4. Every few minutes or so, seems to be more frequent for a while and then die down a bit, before picking up again.
  5. Thunder has been rumbling on here for about 2-3 hours. Have had some fabulous CG strikes as well, with multiple hits at the same point. Shows no signs of stopping any time soon.
  6. Amazingly we’re back to blue skies again, but there are some menacing looking clouds pushing in from the east, and I can hear rumbles of thunder still.
  7. Short storm just passed over heading west, with quite heavy hail mixed in.
  8. Just got horribly, horribly muggy here. Cloud is starting to build very fast to my south/east.
  9. Seems to have all died down now, just an occasional flash from the north. Think that might be it for tonight, as barometer cat has come out from under the bed
  10. I think there might have been some localised flooding here. Been hearing a lot of fire engines the last hour or so, which is unusual, it’s usually just police sirens.
  11. Storm is giving a lovely show now. Got this through my window.
  12. The storm over London is getting up steam. Just had a massive rumble of thunder and the rain is picking up. Looks like I need to brew another cuppa, looks like this will be a long night!
  13. Incredibly intense storm passed through central London, and there seems to be another one heading up from the south now, can see lightning in the distance like I did before the first one got here.
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