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  1. Round two... Loudest and closest strikes I have ever heard! WOOOW!!
  2. Few good CG's & very deep rumbles just to the north of RAF Benson now... Didn't really expect anything tonight but this group of cells seems to be getting quite potent... Lightning Maps is pretty accurate too by the looks of things!
  3. Had a very active storm pass through Benson/Wallingford in Oxfordshire about an hour ago - torrential rain, flash flooding and frequent CC Lightning. Cleared up quickly as soon as it passed with lots of evaporation from the standing water… Looked like traffic on approach to Heathrow was being sent over here too for a while in the clear air so guessing there's probably some activity near to the Lambourne hold? It's just started to build again and we've had a huge, long peel of thunder in the last couple of minutes. Will try to get some pics as this one passes and post on here/Twitter as b
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