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  1. That storm in Hinckley (Burbage) really impacted my folks. They had to have lots of roof tiles replaced, the car was swiftly put into the garage so wasn't badly damaged. My mum is petrified about next week, she hates storms now
  2. I'm chuffed for the SEasteners too, been lurking in here since about 4pm. Still annoyed that my O/H is down there tonight, he'll just be annoyed by it keeping him awake
  3. Even if that does make the distance isn't it headed towards Belgium?
  4. More Eastbourne, with added swears and really bad filming technique
  5. My husband is staying in Kent, he's working down there, I'm well mad
  6. lizzieloo202

    Ashes Bonus.....

    Great pic, sums up the day really well.
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