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  1. Isn't such a thing as 'balancing the books' in weather - but unfortunately looking at the GFS model outputs over the last month it is becoming very tedious viewing with a very positive NAO, as we've had 3 colder than average winters in a row I thought we'd be pushing it to have 4, something which I think wasn't experienced even in the 50's and 60's (I think). Fingers crossed though, we've got a lot of this winter to see out.
  2. Hi Bill, well with the magnificent Volvo FM12 now out on the roads with Air suspension, double drive axle and limited slip diffierential at each wheel it's no wonder other lorries are shooting their loads then again it could be an isolated snowfall (hardly likely). As for The Sun 2012 outlook, as said just trying to get his name in lights (John Kettley that is). Happy christmasses to you!
  3. Noticed how they talked about the huge snowfalls in the UK and North west Europe - but wasn't that in December last year, I then turned over...
  4. Interesting nothing from the Express about a balmy xmas! hhmmm.... I wonder why?, look at my post on the last page.
  5. There was an article a week or so ago by the Express saying how a white christmas was a 'sure bet' - based on the weather at that time - again Pm incursions bringing wintryness mainly to the north and that a white xmas for places like Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Newcastle was almost guaranteed. Journalists at that paper must believe that the weather you experience then continues for weeks unabated, they obviously have very limited knowledge on the subject although they regularly have the weather as headline material. The guff they are producing on this supposed 'big freeze' is laughable,
  6. I've got a funny feeling this will be as close to a snowfall that we might get this winter in these parts, the Atlantic looks very active compared to recent years. Also waiting for the first air frost here too! Quite amazing to think throughout autumn we had 'blocking' but the wrong kind with a continuation of warm/mild continental feed and so as the block was 'snapped' nothing but Atlantic stuff!
  7. They really need to fill their papers with any 'old pap' they can - big chill temps of 44.6f (strange) in the north and 50f in the south which will be fractionally above average for the time of year - well done Daily Express for trying to justify your previous headlines!!
  8. Daily Express in top corner said today 'Warmest November for 353 years but watch out December cold blast on it's way!'...after further reading the cold blast they were referring to came from the METO predicting early December temps would drop to near normal values of 45/46f but it would feel colder than of recent weeks. So once again Daily Express misinterpreting quotes, no mention at all of the Big November Freeze going missing either! Give me the Daily Star anytime.
  9. Daily Express has three types of headlines I've noticed over the last few months and it doesn't vary - 1. Health issues (and new scientific finds i.e. for cancer/lowering blood pressure etc. 2. Pensions/VAT/Tax 3. Extreme weather to effect the UK. and the headlines are larger than any other paper. I hope when this weather (Siberian Freeze) doesn't come off (probability says it won't) that they get lots of mail/letters reminding them of the countless headlines they've had over the last couple of months. We used to get this paper back in the 70's thank god we don't now.
  10. I think his summer forecast wasn't to bad, although the flooding aspect was never experienced. Also I think he is a growing number of LRF forecasters attributing solar and gulf impacts into the equation, as for the October snow yes he has bent the truth somewhat there. Personally the longer this mild weather continues the greater chance of seeing colder conditions into winter but thats just going by the law of sequence.
  11. Personally I think the paper is a joke, I like how about a week a go they had a caption at the top of the paper saying 'We told you so' as there was snow at the top of the Cairngorms (Aviemore) which lasted a day or so - which must have been experienced by millions of people and is duly fortifying their headlines from a few weeks previous.
  12. I reckon somebody at the Express has meteorology as a hobby, maybe the editor? It seems 9/10 it is the Daily Express with these wild headlines based just on long range forecasts. The chances of November and December being similar to last year to me is pretty remote although December over the last decade or so has proved to be the coldest month anomoly wise.
  13. Been taking a look at the weather in Vancouver/Seattle recently which has weather similar to ours and it has been mighty cold with days temps varying from near Freezing to -5C!! wow, be great if we could see some of that. What are the synoptics over the Pacific North west? I take it a large dominant HP near Alaska? Noticed the Broncos (Denver) played their game yesterday in temps of 16F so obviously a huge swathe of central and Western States are being effected by the big chill. Have a friend taking a year out in Toronto and he msn'd me on Friday saying they were having a blizzard and 20cm
  14. Paul - and went down the season after! lol! Overall I'm not to disappointed either, over the whole season you cannot get in the play-offs with our poor away record. Lets hope we can continue our great home form and who knows what might happen next season. Infact I'm even considering getting a season ticket (hope that does not put a curse on us, the last time that happened we got into Europe). As said good luck to the rest of the teams in the play-offs as it is a lottery and also to good ol Southend in League One against Doncaster. Be interesting to see how West Brom and Stoke get on next sea
  15. I think half the players that left Colchester did not want to stay at the club, i.e. Wayne Brown, Jamie Cureton etc. simply due to the clubs lack of ambition and finances not because they had to sell the players - the club is financially stable and will play in a new stadium (funded by the council) next season in the first division . I can see either Sheffield Wednesday or Southampton in the battle for relegation.
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