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  1. Feels chilly tonight!

  2. It was very warm last night... and a powercut...followed by the heating coming on at 1.30am didn't help!

  3. Horrible cloudy & drizzle day. I look forward to Ice & Snow :)

  4. Second thunderstorm of the year, not bad

  5. Latest winds.... 74mph gusts Pembrey Sands at 23.00... 57mph Mumbles Head, very unusual.

  6. Thunder! yayyyy

    1. CarlLH44


      Good to know at least South Wales has interesting weather. Dont ever come north...nothing ever happens!

  7. Maybe too much snow last year means no storms this year? :(

  8. Where is all the heavy rain forecast for S Wales?

    1. Marcus_surfer


      A little Drizzle at the most here, we were forecast heavy rain all day!

    2. CarlLH44


      Too early to suggest the forecast has gone belly up? Sure we have got rain but nothing heavy at all.

    3. andy_leics22


      It's come to Leicester instead haha. No seriously... Chucking down here at the moment.

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  9. a really sunny warm day today, looks unsettled now for the rest of the week

  10. Breezy, cloudy with heavy drizzle. This is summer.

  11. No more heat for Wales

  12. Heavy rain! Most rain i've seen since March!

  13. No thundery breakdown then?

  14. sunshine continues, feeling very warm in the sun - ice lollys at the ready

  15. Not as warm here in S Wales today, murky clouds but some sunshine

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