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  1. No storms here as expected a rather pointless weather warning put out by the met office so far!
  2. Plenty of flashes to my north but very bizarre storms, no sound, no rain very very elevated
  3. So south wales looking like a good position right now? Will probably push north
  4. Can you tell me a bit more about this station? It looks great! Is it accurate? Did you pay any import fees? Where have you located the outdoor sensors?
  5. 60mph Gusts here, very unsettled after recent nice weather
  6. Nice to see the pivot giving snow in the west again
  7. Im surprised its still snowing here, light but still snowing
  8. This has been a decent event here, yes very patchy in places, a few miles away there is nothing but I've managed to measure 3.5cm on the grass which is a lot better than we did last year!
  9. Does anybody know when did the wind change direction to a ENE?
  10. Its become heavier here again moderate snow small flakes, accumulation on my car that i cleared. -0.1C
  11. To me it looks like its creeping back west ever so slightly, weakening however but the sea trying to keep some moisture going
  12. Light snow....Temp 0.0C got about 2-3cm on grassy surfaces
  13. Looks like it’s clearing West Wales I cant see a pivot yet it’s still pushing north
  14. Slowly turning white down the gower. Big wet flakes
  15. Rain here nothing even remotely wintry quite disappointed
  16. Looks very heavy in the southwest with lightning strikes off the sw coast. I think this band is going to fragment a lot and struggle to make it further than the north midlands. If a amber is issued its going to be a very small area and focused on the brecon beacons
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