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  1. Not much rain last night here...a brief shower this morning but it's been partly cloudy with sunny spells and quite breezy. Heard thunder from that storm over the water earlier before it died
  2. That mass of rain although losing its lightning looks torrential and very slow moving down southwest
  3. A low of 18.0c here in Swansea so slightly cooler than saturday night. It's already up to 25c so feeling quite uncomfortable
  4. It's baking here in Swansea! 27.5°C after a overnight low of 20.0°C!
  5. Sunny one minute and pleasant, torrential hail/snow grains the next! Welcome to April!
  6. A Really wintry april day. Better than any easterly here in regards to snow chances.. We had around 10 snow showers most of them heavy with a dusting this morning. The sunshine is too strong now for any settling in the day but I'm happy with what the showers produced today. Another heavy snow shower just gone through.
  7. Another lively shower passing by 20210406_092327_1.mp4
  8. Just had another heavy snow shower. 50p sized flakes and hail thrown in too.
  9. A few snow showers overnight have left a dusting. Quite remarkable weather change from a few days ago when we got to 19 degrees with all that sunshine.
  10. Another nice sunny day although about 3 degrees colder than yesterday due to the wind being off the chilly sea.
  11. Continued very windy here. But very little rain has fallen. Its mostly light and patchy but very heavy about 20 miles north of here
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