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  1. Any storms further west? Still very warm and humid here
  2. Not looking good all activity decaying
  3. Clear blue skies. Temperatures already at 19C
  4. Still 20C here at midnight in Swansea!
  5. Marcus_surfer

    Weather Flow Smart station

    Looks cool. My netatmo outdoor station died ages ago (kept draining batteries in like 24 hours) this looks interesting but no option to buy!? still in development?
  6. Very disappointed really and they should remove that amber warning for South Wales now
  7. Convection everywhere here but no showers popping
  8. Nothing happening! Cape too high?
  9. West country / South Wales amber alert out for severe thunderstorms
  10. Yes and western parts will be removed by morning. Midlands northwards, southern/eastern england in firing line me thinks
  11. I hope more of Wales is in the firing line next two days as we’ve been pretty storm starved so far
  12. Quite frequent lightning to the south over the sea but nothing much in the way of rain and its passing us by. Its very windy
  13. Good luck everyone in the south. Looks quite thundery later on.