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  1. After a fantastic evening last night its been an absolute bust here today
  2. Well what a fantastic night here in Swansea. Started off with a big cell to the north then from midnight had two very heavy cells push through and develop out of nowhere. Lots of lightning strikes but hardly any showed up on the detectors......do they not show up cloud to cloud or something? Hoping for another round of storms tonight maybe
  3. Heres the storm that passed through just north of Swansea at about 9pm
  4. Im in swansea and I can see those flashes from those storms in the Midlands.
  5. I can see flashes here im in South Wales. Clear skies but i see constant flickering here in swansea. Is this even possible!?
  6. Distant deep rumbles for the past 3 hours here in Swansea with the odd heavy downpour
  7. Can somebody please tell Tomasz Schafernaker that the barber shops are now open please

    1. Dami


      i like a rough and ready man though 😞

  8. Fantastic lightning last night here in Swansea. Very random CC & CG strikes for a good hour and the lightning detectors just didn't pick up half of the strikes. Hardly any rain fell though, just a 5 minute downpour.
  9. Blitz lightning detector not working properly ive got way more lightning than its saying
  10. Still waiting on liftoff. Cell to the south interesting and a faint rumble
  11. Nice towers in swansea although main action seems further west and southwest
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