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  1. Nothing too heavy here yet even though we are under the warning
  2. The low pressure swinging into the southwest tonight looks like it will be bringing some pretty heavy rain for SW England & Wales. Wouldn't be surprised to see some hail and thunder thrown in. Forecast is showing a squall line move through.
  3. Plenty of heavy showers into the west. Wouldnt be surprised to see some thunder in northern ireland and possible sw england
  4. Something brewing near bristol area?
  5. Thunderstorm rolling in this morning
  6. South Wales about to be hit! Very fast cell developing. Never seen a cell develop so fast
  7. There is still mostly clear skies. Flashes and deep rumbles from every direction though and only little amounts of cloud. Very odd.
  8. More intense cells developing south wales
  9. I had some large booms and great lightning to the south but its all gone quiet again now..
  10. Huge booms here over south wales!
  11. Very small cell popped out of nowhere in north devon, random! Anyone near? Just waiting for it to fire come on!!!
  12. Very small cell popped out of nowhere in north devon, random!
  13. Kicking off south of Plymouth again
  14. Total bust here in south wales! Its doing the exact opposite of what was forecast! Its become brighter with blue skies!
  15. Well ill be very suprised if any storms hit wales. Maybe the northwest later tonight? Looks too far west