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  1. Radar watching and nowcasting folks. Those warnings are quite vague
  2. Very spotty hefty showers here with some lightning strikes just offshore over the mumbles
  3. Ive found the best site to track thunderstorms is this one You can custom zoom on certain areas, used with netweather extra radar its perfect combo
  4. Lightning over west wales right now
  5. Good covering of Snow on the beacons. Back here its heavy rain showers
  6. Wouldn't like to have been a Pilot today.

    1. Daniel*


      They're well trained I bet today was a "fun" day for them....

    2. Nouska


      I suspect they would relish the chance to put all those SIM hours into practise but I'm not sure their passengers would be so thrilled by the experience - white knuckles and boak bags at the ready. :bad:

    3. Lauren


      They love it. It's days like this they really earn their money and get to do some hardcore manual flying.

  7. Light snow showers here
  8. Sleet and small hail mixed in with the rain here
  9. Not getting my hopes up at all peeps
  10. It was forecast to turn to snow on the mountains. Enough cold air has mixed along with Evaporational cooling coming into place nicely. Still snowing here and blowing in the strong wind
  11. Heavy wet snow in swansea, along with wind gusts in excess of 50mph . Temperature has dived from 6c to 1c
  12. Nothing here apart from a few bits of hail on the grass
  13. I've given up here! Temperature and dew point rising! Have fun folks
  14. Absolute zilch here and any snow that falls is very wet/not sticking