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  1. I very much doubt it's all due to human caused climate change - otoh, if there have always been bush fires then it can't be the fault of bad farming practices either. I also can't ignore the reality that last year was the warmest and driest in the detailed climate record. You're not going to see record numbers of bush fires in a record wet summer - we'd all accept that? However, the test of how serious these fires were will be in a few years time. Then we'll see if the talk of hundreds of millions of animals lost and species made extinct is correct, the talk of how this sort of event will be the norm likewise. My hope is it all recovers, that wetter and cooler years return, I hope I'll not get called names for fearing (based upon my understanding of what is going on) that might not be the case.
  2. You're soft skinned. When you've also been called a liar, a fraud, and had death threats (all of which repeated for years) then I'll take your words as serious. Btw, no one is accusing you of cheery picking, its not an accusation it's a reality. You've pick one weather station and try to draw global (or at least meaningful) conclusions from that one station.. C'mon
  3. Is there some thing, some data, some evidence that makes you think that atmosphere physics is better understood by Roger than by people at Hadley Centre, or NOAA ,or GISS or indeed the IPCC? Or, put another way, what scientific something might Roger be onto?
  4. And all 'we' want is for him to take that next step - too explain the 'how'. We've seen umpteen, lengthy posts about his beliefs. Arm waving, assertion and little asides about conspiracies doesn't cut it for me.
  5. Lots of words, but not a word to back up your alternative theory of atmosphere physics...
  6. How about winters are more likely to be affected by the greater changes to the Arctic climate (caused by AGW plus Arctic amplification) than summers because atmospheric circulation is more vigorous in the winter and sluggish in the summer so the effect of changes to the Arctic on weather is greater in the former than the latter?
  7. 'hide'? You give your prejudices away there Roger... As to your study, well, unless you have studied other record nearby, let alone a bigger area, how do we know you're not (to use another word you have, so it's fair game) trying to 'mislead' by the use of carefully picked cherries? Why just Toronto v just the CET? Have you done those check, those comparisons? Have you seen how the CET compares with other cities in Canada? How does it compare with Montreal, or Halifax, or Vancover? indeed, how does Toronto compare with Halifax?
  8. Born, a couple of questions. 1, I should know what paper that graphic is from but I don't... 2, the dotted lines are the 99% confidence lines? 3, what effect would a big event (or how big an event?) would it need to be to show as sudden a cooling (I can't think of a natural sudden warming event) of the same magnitude as we see atm? Toba would be bigger, 1816 smaller? 4, would such an event show up in the kind of proxies that the graphic used to produce (I'm sure it would?)? 5, and are people still working on temperature reconstructions, or have they exhausted the proxies available?
  9. "wrt". Dad's Army? I laugh at it, its affection for it's cast and its in jokes. In the same way I rofl at Laurel and Hardy, or WC Fields or indeed some of Alexi Sayle's stuff. But, standing in front of a microphone hurling insults is easy. And I don't think panto needs to be preserved in aspic.
  10. Huh? All that has happened is I disagreed with you (it's called a debate isn't it?), a sub thread started, and now you're blathering on about mind control. Relax, ok?
  11. If you mean what we regard as acceptable can be challenged or can be changed for reasonable alternatives, then yes I agree.
  12. Where did I say I want to live in a sterile world where there is no comedy? I didn't. All I did (all I ever do) is give my pov.....
  13. I've been listening to Alexi Sayle's 'sandwich bar' When he calls people he obviously doesn't like (even if its just for effect) names (b*st**ds and the rest) it's sort of funny but what's better, what takes more thought, is gags like 'they've found an army made of soft cheese - the panacotta army'. Or stories like when he described how, some time ago, a couple* tried to tape record a long radio programme but instead set the microphone going and all it recorded was 'Do you want a cup of tea?', 'No' and the sound of a muffled fart when the wife was in the kitchen - it went on as a affectionate take on marriage... And his story about the tin of pate is a classic imo as is his 'Trump is a very........bad man' story. My point? Insults are easy. Taking the Tut with insults is easy. Lampooning is (wrt the present discussion) easy and just a cover for insults. It's boring, it's glib, its fatuous but for some of the British it's part of the essence of what they are... * perhaps him and his wife
  14. I hope you can continue without words like 'idiocy' 'fooled', 'paranoia', 'bogus', 'zealots' - that is the language of a closed mind not of someone putting forward a 'plausible' theory.. A few million less words per post might not come amiss too.......
  15. Exactly, pantos aren't PC. As such panto can change - it's not stifled by PC rules. Do you still not get that it is you who is PC, the person who can't tolerate change?
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