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  1. Stopping Dangerous Global Warming

    Then you are being a sceptic about the rubbish 'climate sceptics' come out with! No one (bar climate sceptics) talk about CAGW, none of us who follow the observations and data expect the world to end tomorrow (despite what said 'sceptic's say of us) but we do expect 2-4C warming by centuries end and that IS a big deal - whether you accept it or not.
  2. Stopping Dangerous Global Warming

    Blimey, you'll be going on about CAGW next. I'm not sure who, bar you, is going on about extreme weather events. But, I do think we are seeing changes to the climate. Slow enough that people like you can ignore them, but I think the evidence and observations are clear. Like I said, December last year in the UK was extraordinary, the 'anticycloncity' in my part of the UK this winter pretty amazing and the state of the Arctic sea ice likewise. Plenty of other odd weather about across the world. Ignore that if you like (and you do) but the evidence is all about us that the atmosphere of this planet is being changed enough by our activities to, slowly, change the climate.
  3. Stopping Dangerous Global Warming

    Imagine someone baking a cake every Christmas. Each year they decrease the number of raisins in the mix a little and increase the number of sultanas a little. After ten years does it mean you will see no raisins in a cooked cake or that its more likely you'll see less raisins and more sultanas than the cake made ten years ago? Might some (trouble makers) come along , eat a slice, and say, 'You say this cake has less raisins in it compared to ten years ago but I just found several!'? You might show them the recipe and your observations of how it has changed, what went into the cake. You might even be a little exasperated if people insisted the mix wasn't changing year by year and that they require proof it has changed...
  4. Stopping Dangerous Global Warming

    There are none so stubborn as those who wont see. Be honest, there is nothing that can convince you. Because if, for example, the global surface temperature record, last December in the UK, or the state of sea ice in the Arctic isn't good enough for you nothing will be...
  5. Stopping Dangerous Global Warming

    Ooopps, missed your post...
  6. Stopping Dangerous Global Warming

    NO!! Just get things in perspective! A few birds are killed by windmills. If that concerns you why don't you give a fig about the numbers killed by cats and cars??? Why?
  7. Stopping Dangerous Global Warming

    Yet no worries from you about the orders of magnitude larger number of birds killed by cats, or animals killed by cars? Somehow I just can't see any of those who can't stand clean, efficient, renewable power being able to see the cost of the power they are wedded to. I just can't see you writing 'ugly cars and lorries - good for killing birds and mammals I suppose'...
  8. Stopping Dangerous Global Warming

    Roger, its not difficult, we don't need any of your schemes. We just change our mindset and stop treating the atmosphere as a dustbin (by doing so we're essentially playing god with its working) and instead leave the planets atmosphere alone, stop spewing our waste into it, to its own devices (stop playing god). No need for geoengineering (which is also playing god) just stop meddling with the planets climate by our greenhouse gas spewing ways. Of course people like to blather on about how that can't be done - but (with a will) it can and we (even though some wont admit it) all know renewables work, that efficient use of fuel is sensible, that wasting energy is simply that. Ok, we can expect a four or even eight year delay while the US goes backwards, but that is the way the world will go at some point.
  9. Stopping Dangerous Global Warming

    OK, but why then do you blindly disbelieve them? Or do you approve of us taking a precautionary approach to this planet's welfare and do the things needed to bring emissions under control? I bet you don't....
  10. Absolutely! People like Pit expect to be able to go through other people's emails (as if any of us, including Pit, would be other than outraged about such theft!) call said people names, accuse them of dong wrong (oh the irony) and when their scurrilous conduct provokes a reaction they have the brass neck to play the victim.
  11. Little ice age in 2030

    A little out of date, but this. 2016 is almost certain to be warmer than 2015.
  12. Stopping Dangerous Global Warming

    The OP put this thread in free fall with this section: "It is my contention that too much debate has been about "How To Get The World To Stop Producing CO2"; when the only way that can possibly be achieved on any relevant time-scale is by imposing massive tariffs on companies and individuals who pollute which would halve global GDP output overnight: Billions would starve to death due to the extreme poverty that would result and governments around the World would lose their tax-bases and have to make massive cuts to health, education, policing, social-security, infrastructure and defence budgets- with disastrous results. How can any sane (let alone compassionate) group of individuals even propose measures that would do that to the global economy??" Can we have a 'nice little thread' when people like me (people who think the answer is not more interference with the atmosphere but less) are being described (in the OP remember) as wanting mass starvation, the world's economy destroyed and as being insane?
  13. Stopping Dangerous Global Warming

    What a very strange thread. The OP acknowledges the problem and then, for some reason, decides not only should we treat the symptoms rather than the cause, but that we should adopt crackpot 'solutions' to mask the said symptoms. 'Build a steel wall across the Atlantic'? 'Cover the equator in mirrors'? 'Blast massive rockets' to change the Earth's tilt? Is this thread for real or is it a self spoof?
  14. I always find myself somewhat confused by global monthly graphs like in this post. It's not immediately clear (to me at least) whether they mean 'global temperature to January year X' 'or 'global temperatures for just Januaries' (which I think they mean in this and you last post)? If they are the latter, then I don't know why the 'dots are joined' since, in reality, there are eleven other data points between each point.