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  1. Devonian

    New Research

    I'd just like to see an updated version of Dr Maue's ACE graph to include this year.
  2. Devonian

    2019 Arctic Sea Ice Maximum Poll

    Oh, Ok thanks. 14 million km2 then.
  3. Devonian

    2019 Arctic Sea Ice Maximum Poll

    is that 13.89 figure what it was 'now' when you wrote the post, or the maximum earlier this year?
  4. Devonian

    New Research

    Can you (or anyone) supply a more up to date version of Dr Maue's charts please? To include this year.
  5. No, as BFTV carefully explains, the range can be constrained by the use of various proxys - and tightly constrained.
  6. On that basis we can't say there were ices ages... But, we CAN say there were ice ages on the basis of the proxy evidence - in this case the landforms, the bolder clays, loess, pollens and the rest. So, if we can say there were ice ages on the basis of proxy evidence (not thermometers, no many about then) why do you say we can't we do the same with temperature?
  7. Checking NSIDC it's mostly because of more ice than usual on the Canada/Hudson bay side than both 'ends' of the Russian Arctic which are still in a big deficit? Interesting to watch tho and to wonder how long it will go on.
  8. No, I've never said that and it grossly misrepresents what I think Nearly all of the energy powering the atmosphere, weather and climate comes from the Sun. Without the Sun the Earth would be a rock at a temperature near absolute zero. The Sun warms up the Earth by several hundred degrees, the greenhouse effect several tens of degrees and the anthro effect perhaps a few degrees. What I do also think is that only the anthro effect is materially changing atm.
  9. There's a definite 'heads I win, tails you lose' feel to your post. Anyway, it seems if we get a cold winter it'll be because of the solar minimum and if we don't...it'll be because of the solar minimum.
  10. It's been very mild here in the UK for weeks - and the year so far (to October) in the CET area is +1C above normal. Is it the case that only when the weather goes cold at solar minimum that it's caused by the solar minimum?
  11. Devonian

    Report Climate change ipcc

    The title of the link in the post I replied to was "Climate change protests leads to '22 arrests' over blockade" - it most certainly was about climate change! If you look at my posting style I generally reply to posts giving my pov. You post your views, I post mine. if you don't like my views then I'm sorry but we are both equally entitled to post our views.
  12. Devonian

    Report Climate change ipcc

    Is it me, or can I see straw falling out of your post?
  13. Devonian

    Report Climate change ipcc

    What, and then get the same cynics attack them for traveling there and producing CO2 in the process? I've been convinced by the evidence for anthro climate change decades, and I see no evidence I'm wrong. I think we'll be very lucky if we don't see just 2C total warming, and (given the kind of reaction I see to anything that will really sort the problem) I think we might well burn every scrap of fossil fuel and send atmospheric CO2 up towards 1000ppm - in which case even fresh air will be bad for us (as if it often isn't already...) The people involved in the protest are more convinced than I am, and they think it's important to take action. Good for them I say - criticism is easy, having the cojones to risk prison for what you believe in by taking non violent action is not.
  14. I've looked at the video - if it were by the IPCC and they hid part of the presentation (as GWPF do from minute 44) Tablet would be going on about a world conspiracy to hide data from us
  15. You make the claim. Ok, lets see the 96 wrong models and the 4 right ones please.