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  1. yep me too...was fine until around 9.00 am then turned pink. Bloody typical as I paid a subscription last night! Hope it's fixed soon
  2. this is really scary right on the coast...just lost the double glazing on my balcony windows...the noise damn near gave me a heart attack. now just have one sheet of plate glass for a wall...on a south facing clifftop...lol...the joys of living by the sea!
  3. Hi rach I'll second that...I'm down the road from you in Telscombe Cliffs...I'm right on the clifftop so I'm completely exposed. Whatever the wind forecast we always seem to get it worse along this stretch of coastline. I lost my double glazing in the St Jude storm, then the glass privacy screen on the balcony went in the Dec 23rd storm, and during the storm on Wed night there was a weird pop/crack noise and a hairline crack appeared running all around the south facing wall of the lounge...as the gusts of wind slammed into the windows the whole frame moved and I'd see the crack expand and
  4. hell I live in that area too and I'm right on a clifftop, completely exposed! (my flat is exposed, I don't intend to be...lol)
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