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  1. Light snow in north west Shropshire and very windy
  2. Boooooo no drink as I'm on dry January can't wait to see what happens driving over to the ipro in the morning hopefully some snow but not enough to postpone it
  3. Better not snow before Saturday ....east Midlands derby and the sacking of psycho after that snow..snow...snow
  4. All looking good then for some white stuff tomorrow ...interesting trip back from St.Andrews then after footy ....thanks everyone on here for brilliant addictive viewing ...life is indeed a rollercoaster ..merry Xmas one and all
  5. I honestly think we are going to stay up ......now being a Derby I'm not normaly this confident ....but....providing we can keep hold of king Billy we have have in my opinion one of the best and most hard working managers in the country (dont laugh) he has taken preston to the play-offs 2 in his 3 years there .....without any finacial backing .....then with a team of new comers taken very close to automatic promotion but did it through the dreaded play-offs I think he will relish the challenge of keeping Derby up and with a hefty few £££'s to spend I think he'll add more quality to the
  6. the play-offs are brilliant for the ccc ...how ever I hate them ....horrible they are ........it keeps the league going right until the end of the season and if you think about it if the top 3 would have gone up the season would have been done and dusted weeks ago justice has been served ....we finished 8 points clear in 3rd ..over the season we deserved it ... oh and the stadium was awesome .....huge I was right at the back .....it was ssooooo steep but you could still see everything brilliantly the pre match banter was ace the baggies fans were suberb and gracious in defeat
  7. I got my ticket yesterday for the final ...I queued for 6 hours at pride park for it to....took a day of work and drove over there can't wait
  8. we have won 12 away from home this season so far....one more away win for a club record
  9. http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.gif --> QUOTE(Paul B @ 8 Apr 2007, 01:18 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> As for who goes up, too close to call, but not many teams apart from Sunderland seem to want it! er we want it ...our current form is pretty good .....we've just had 2 away games and taken 4 points whilst s'land now have 2 hard away games at Southampton and Colchester respectively .....if they were to get 4 points from them 2 they would be over the moon no one seems to give us much hope of going up yet we have been in the top 2 pretty much since
  10. wow ...can't believe we have just beaten them ...they absolutly murdered us 1st half ...but Derby being Derby this season we sneaked a late winner ..... and do you know I'm starting to believe we are going up
  11. mate he was one the best players I've seen at Derby in my life time ....the way he linked up with stefano eranio in our midfield was brilliant .......if we do go up I'm sure Billy will be given a few £££ to buy a few more players to keep us up there here's hoping we make it
  12. the baggies are the best team I've seen at pride park and at the hawthorns this season ....BUT...they aren't as good on there travels ....they have won 3 i think away from home and Ian Brown looking at your locality I'll take it your a stokie ......we were abysmal at the brittania ...probably the worst wev'e played this season .....also we have a funny thing going on with stoke so far since wev'e back down in the ccc we either take 6 points of you or the other way round ...wierd
  13. nice one ........I just hope when he gets us back to the promised land we can keep hold of him caus if we do it this season it will amazing given the state we were in ..... I still have to have a 2nd look when I see the league
  14. after next saturday I hope you win most of your games and stay up ......and send leeds down here's our goal from yesterday sending us joint top ....absolute quality from Davie Jones http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYKOPQKu2mY enjoy
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