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  1. One more chase to go I reckon. Before we knock it on the head
  2. Got that Euro slug back mind. For new members look at the Northern hemisphere profile
  3. Anybody want to get back on board. GFS 12Z Trying to undercut here. The differences between 6z and 12z are staggering. Winter not over yet
  4. Mods. Can we start a new thread please. Heading into Christmas? I'm done with it. Thank you
  5. Happy Christmas. Love this time of the year for weather. Live snow falling here in Jackson Hole. Who would love to be here? Click here
  6. Remember the winters when you didn't look at the models for days? What a enjoyable 15 months.
  7. Lots of cold fans may start going into hibernation now . A very ordinary affair looks likely now.
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