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  1. Thanks Roger, that's very helpful! Looks like it's pretty mild for the time of year in the North East at the moment though?
  2. I'm going to be in NYC for New Year's this year and then spending the first week of January in southern Vermont - looking at average statistics for that area it looks like I'm pretty much guaranteed snow and sub-zero temperatures but does anyone know that area well enough to give me any more details of what I can expect?
  3. Arsenal hugely unlucky against Spurs today. Tottenham were the better side in the first half and probably just deserved their lead, in spite of Arsenal's disallowed goal (very close - many would have given it as onside, he was pretty much level) and Eboue hitting the post. But Arsenal overran them in the second half - played some scintillating football and fully deserved their two goals, and managed to hit the woodwork twice more as well. Jenas' goal at the end was a stunner but it's harsh, coming in the 94th minute, especially when 4 minutes stoppage time seemed a bit long. Cracking game th
  4. I agree with you Andy, in that Sheffield United deserved their victory, but Arsenal were abysmal and I definitely didn't enjoy watching the game! I've not seen them play as badly in a long time. And they'd better get their act together against Charlton, cos I'm off to the Emirates for the first time ever in a few hours and want to see a good game and an Arsenal win!
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