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  1. I was living just east of Southampton at the time. I remember sitting in bed hearing the wind build about 10pm. A bit later we lost the power. As I was still living at home (just about to turn 20) and had the next day off work, I decided to stay up and reset the alarm when the power came on again so I could wake mum up as she had work. We got power back about 30 min later so I thought everything was all right. About 15 min later we lost power again and were then without it until about mid day on the Sunday. I sat in bed watching my large bedroom window flex with the wind and hearing fences com
  2. In second hand book shops it's always worth keeping an eye out for Eric Delderfield's book about the floods that was published not too long after the event. A very interesting read, and is interesting to compare with the reports about Boscastle.
  3. I was working in central Southampton at the time and we were forced to stay in the office as the corrugated iron sheeting on a building site across the road was coming loose from the scaffolding and penetrating the roofs of cars parked below. A number of the larger trees on The Avenue and in the city centre parks came down, closing several roads in the city centre for some time. That eveing I remember it being very still and some friends and I went out into the countryside near Bishops Waltham and Cheesefoot Head to see how bad it had been. A journey to a pub that usually took 30 minutes took
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