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  1. are we suppose to be going into a East North Easterly next week should be good chance for Snow showers
  2. Getting fed up with this now, get the cold and it still doesnt Snow, the women on BBC SE said rain and sleet for us here very unlikely to see Snow It always at the moment in a few days time that comes and it still rains
  3. Stev on BBC Weather hates cold when it is warm he is loving it and big grin on his face? when ji is cold he looks really depressed
  4. Anybody any clues why the upper air is melting it? if its only about 2c ground level? quite often we have warmer temps and it still snows?
  5. BBC SE showing the cold front coming down all rain and at 11c. then a odd snow shower, then another band of rain coming over us during the weekend before clearing but no mention afterwards, doesnt sound great for us down here
  6. Yes got snow as well, heavy then light the wait has finally ended
  7. Given up with charts now looking only a few days in advance, then window watching and street light Back to 80s forecasting when we had two weather forecasts a day then updates were on the Radio Wont be looking at February
  8. Why is it Snow in Chelmsford we are higher in Billericay you are only 9 miles away?
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