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  1. Starting to get a bit more snowyer than rain, snow incomming behind us on radar. In cannock (work) atm.
  2. Settling nicely here, good streamer through Penkridge, coven and Wolves.
  3. Dew points of -3 atm, my money is on snow... if it actually gets here.
  4. As much as I love the Welsh mountains (to visit), they sure can be selfish sometimes.
  5. Wasn't it. Those 4-3's don't come along too often... unless it's Wolves v Leics.
  6. At least you're above 'The biggest club in the Midlands'.
  7. UKMO 48 FAX Note the 528 behind the front, should be OK for snow showers after the rain clears through, but who knows, I will be radar watching the front anyway as sometimes the gods do smile upon us.
  8. Oh dear, those FAX show only rain. Never mind, onwards and upwards eh.
  9. UKMO +72 shows the first front pushing through with the 528 DAM line ahead of the occluded front following. Looks good to me.
  10. That's a given Blue, she wants to go shopping. *edit 1 hour later* I just got this.
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