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  1. Started again @freeze for all what's the temp in llanharan ?
  2. Am told its rain in port talbot. Let's hope it doesn't get marginal further inland
  3. Looks like we will miss out this weekend with the bulk of the snow further north. Bring on spring especially now it starts to get lighter in the evening
  4. Carol had the front thursday/friday not making it to the UK. There is no certainty either way so I don't think predictions can be made either way at the moment.
  5. Not sure what area in wales you are looking at. Metoffice has the atlantic bursting through for my area with rain saturday, sunday and monday
  6. We really wont know till wed eve / Thursday Jay. Things like this almost impossible to predict. Hence why bbc and meto dont say anything with conviction
  7. Will be dry this week. Might see the odd shower but with this wind there wont be much sticking especially with what's likely to be dry powder snow. All eyes in later this week for anything in my opinion.
  8. They wont do earnings this far out. Could just as easily be a rain event
  9. Hiya, freeze you got a weather station, just wondering where you get the dewpoint from?
  10. Thickness is not favourable on that chart. 528 above north wales. What are the equivalent 850s at that time?
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