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  1. Jack - thanks again for your model outputs - the 06z ensembles for somerset regarding rain were amazing lol
  2. @Zippy - plenty of info on E-Festivals forum - it did rain overnight and the ground is abit wet at present but I do not think any more rain is forecast and the site dries up very quickly these days, I will not be going in with wellies on tomorrow.
  3. Fab day in south Wales. Weather station said 26.8 yesterday in sun and over 25 today
  4. Looks to me like it's pivoting and stalled. Good few hours of snow yet. Light to medium
  5. sadly looks like the front and pivot are not as expected - as is with snow you can never tell until it arrives Am still hopeful though that it will intensify later am praying
  6. I do understand this having been on this site for 10 years but I've also seen similar situations. My glass is still half full dude
  7. And i am currently looking out 9n heavy snow and white ground.
  8. It's not negativity it's viewing what the radar is showing. It's an observation not a critisism.. We will soon know ?
  9. Shows same as netweather. Watch the northern extent of the front decay and barely move
  10. Radar deffo shows it's struggling on netweather
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