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  1. That's where I think the stories relating to Noah's Ark got it wrong - back in those days I would suggest that the people of the Middle East had not made a scientific study of the melting of the ice from the last ice age and strongly suspect that they did not know about the Laurentian ice field which has a lot of fresh water dammed within it, releasing it as the dam melted causing a sudden upsurge in sea levels and consequently the inundation of low lying areas. At the time their main experience of flooding would have been from rainfall, so they invented the story of rain for 40 days and nights.
  2. Mostly white with wet stuff here now, we've just has a session of heavy snow which has now eased off and the temp is now 0.9C.
  3. We've had a mixture of rain sleet and snow for the past coupla so hours now, may be more but I was in the land of nod earlier - just come a bit heavier, most not settling though just starting to get a whitish tinge - temp 1.4C with a 92% humidity. Looking at the radar we are at the southern end of the snow.
  4. '47 did not start until late Jan but that year they had a good Greenie setup which extended to Scandy. We live in hopes - recently the Scandi high has teased for a short while then though better of it and in any case the continental temps were far too high to do any good. Though at the same time we had December 2010 which at one time I thought could have exceeded 1963 but was cut short by us getting revisited by the jet streams moving north. But as you say by the time March and April arrive I start to get anxious for the Spring with balmier temps - the snow is for winter. Watford is still well below the freezing level.
  5. I am starting to get quite pessimistic about the chances of a good old Scandi/Russo high - we are now mid way through the season that the temps in Western Russia and Scandinavia appear to have been exceptionally mild with a number of days at Moscow being above freezing when quite often at this time of year we see max temps often down to -18C. The cold does not really seem to have set in until the other side of Urals is reached. Until now much of Scandinavia has been on the mild side with temperatures near the seasonal average starting to drop in the northern parts. No doubt there is still time for this but as the season advances the chances become less and less. The northerly outbreaks from the Arctic north are all very well but they tend to be relatively short lived and in our part of the world give rise to wet snow rather that the lovely dry stuff. Come back 1963 - all is forgiven!
  6. I went into Boots this afternoon and asked an assistant where the Germoloids ointment was. She pointed and said, "Over there, on the bottom shelf."
  7. And we thought we had it bad: http://www.midilibre.fr/2018/01/04/tempete-eleanor-un-agriculteur-retrouve-mort-sous-une-coulee-de-neige-en-savoie,1610030.php A farm worker found dead buried in the snow in Savoy - 4 others are injured.
  8. A few chuckles from the bar - not altogether sure if it is the legal one or the liquid one from some of the remarks:
  9. https://quizzclub.com/interesting-fact/winter-inspired-pictures-that-captured-the-beauty-of-ice/?shortener=h808bbtog&shdate=2017-12-29&abc_s=h808bbtog&abc_pos=0 Follow this link for a selection of remarkable photographs.
  10. Interesting journey to Loughborough and back - Watford was mostly clear of snow - Luton has a bit more just covering the ground but the area of Northants had a fair covering and it was evident that the snow ploughs had been out. Also there was thick thick traffic! - it took just under 4 hours for a journey of just under 100 miles.
  11. More like sleet now - temp plus 1.2 C - More green than white on the grass. Humidity risen from 90 to 92%.
  12. About half an hour ago it was snowing quite heavily at Watford - trying to settle with a white/green surface outside - temp plus 1 C but very wet stuff - eased off a little now, temp up by 0.1C - quite marginal really. Travelling up to Loughborough later this morning - there doesn't appear to be anything much up there, wondering whether there will be more over the Chilterns in the Luton area? However suspect the M1 will remain clear.
  13. http://www.midilibre.fr/2017/12/24/l-hyperloop-promet-de-rallier-toulouse-a-montpellier-en-24-minutes-seulement,1607505.php#xtor=EPR-2-[Newsletter]-20171225-[Zone_info] While we are thinking of a high speed rail link to the North of England the French are thinking of this.
  14. RIP snow - it was short and sweet, good while it lasted but alas farewell. What I would really like to see is a good old fashioned Russo/Scandi high with LP in the channel feeding in easterlies giving power snow and maxes of -5 C but there appears to be little chance of that in the immediate future with temps of +4 C at Moscow and Archangel.
  15. Ac few post ago I referred to the lovely sunset - it so happened that my daughter was equally impressed and took photos - great minds think alike! However the one to really drool over is the third one which I believe is a scene from Finland.
  16. For most of the day we had rain with some wet sleety stuff coming down, needless to say none settled, with the temp remaining at +2C. Just before sunset the skies started to clear and we were blessed with a 'red sky at night' - since then the temp has been going down and the bar up. 'Spect there will be a moderate frost tonight - the roads are mostly clear but not so much the pavements with still plenty of slush around, so it will be a bit hazardous for the old 'uns tomorrow morning.
  17. As you say, many are driven to school and part of today's problem is that it is so easy to send a round robin E-Mail, or telephone to say school is cancelled. I wonder whether the cancellation is ever due to the reluctance of the staff to make their way in, if that is the case, aren't they setting a bad example?
  18. Can't really understand why they shut the schools down after a slight to moderate snow fall - when I went to the senior school in the 50's its was often the case during a cold spell that we would still get to school and find that of the delivery of school milk delivered that morning that the bottles would be frozen solid the extent that the milk was expanding out of the bottle and they would be half covered in snow. It never occurred to us that a snowfall would be an excuse for a day off school. The school itself was about a couple of miles from my home - that did not qualify for the school bus - the normal bus service was just one an hour - never did use that - we either walked or cycled. Not sure that it is an altogether good thing - kids need to be challenged from time to time and getting to school under adverse conditions helps that - it is character building. Meanwhile if anything the temperature at Watford has climbed fractionally to 1 C - no fresh snow and still cloudy. No fresh snow though there is a belt about say 40 miles o the north of us according to the radar.
  19. The man on the telly said the snow would stop at 3 pm and it did stop at 14:55 hours - still cloudy with a temp of +0.8 C though dry now. Prior to that it became lighter then a short period of drizzle. Very slow thaw should finish as ground temps drop this evening - expect a very slight frost tonight but according to the radar there are still a number of showers about, so likely to get a further covering. The gritter eventually appeared on the A41 about the middle of the afternoon. Fortunately my daughter and son in law came over this afternoon and cleared my driveway - it's on a slope, ok get getting off but it is a bugger getting the car back in if it is iced up.
  20. Must have mis-estimated at Watford - depth more like 7 cm now - temp +0.5. The solar panels not working too well today!
  21. Had a bit of a disturbed night at Watford - snow started about 0200 but was very slight - at 0600 it was still snowing but very wet and depth not exceeding 1cm - checked the radar and saw that we were on the cusp between snow and rain. Went back to bed expecting that the snow would turn to rain but lo and behold still snowing quite heavily, depth about 2 to 3cm, temp hovering between +0.4 and + 0.5. Obviously caught the local council on the hop - they haven't gritted the main A41.
  22. Not holding out any hope for today at Watford - currently 3.4C with a humidity of 71% which should bring the dew point below zero, if only I could recall the formula for working it out - some small bits of cu with small amounts of alto cu and some alto stratus above but mainly blue sky, bright and sunny. I don't think the snow they had in the Midlands is going to reach this far south. If we get any at all over the weekend it looks like snow during the early hours on Sunday turning to rain, with temps rising to say 6 to 8C, so only likely to be fleeting and I think we will have to get up early to see it.
  23. Might be getting somewhere but just need to change the position of the high centred just north of Olso, flatten it out and elongate it to east into Russia to bring us more into a direct easterly flow. There's a fair bit of time yet for the situation to change.
  24. https://steemit.com/funny/@lizasoberano/thanks-for-the-ipad-grandma
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