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  1. https://www.independent.co.uk/student/news/theresa-may-wrongly-deported-48000-students-after-bbc-panorama-exposes-toeic-scam-a6958286.html?amp&__twitter_impression=true This is an old report, just over two years but it refers to the expulsion of the students referred to in my post above.
  2. I suspect that the damage which has been done will take quite a while to simmer down amongst the Caribbean community who were mostly affected by this and also the EU are wondering whether the same sort of tactics will apply to EU Nationals. I don't think that just a mere apology will hack it. The rules concerning these must have been laid down from on high, I understand in 2012, when Theresa was Home Secretary, at which time she was being put under pressure to reduce immigration, yet somehow the EU regs concerning the 3 month limit on EU nationals who were not students, workers or otherwise self supporting appear to have passed her by. So instead she targets a good proportion of the students, some of whom provided a valuable financial resource to universities. Her career to date appears to be series of knee jerk ill thought reactions to try and sort out the problem she has been presented with but it is likely that in the course of doing so she is adding another nail to the Tory political coffin. Or as Stan Laurel would say to Oliver Hardy (or vice versa) that's another fine mess you have got us in.
  3. To the leavers, you see there are those who voted leave but would now change their minds:
  4. https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/162d235930670578 I would suggest that this is worth a read - it sets out the arguent against leaning the EU, probably in much the same vein as Theresa May did in February 2016.
  5. I think he had a point with productivity Kent - for a modern country our productivity is woefully low in comparison - something you leavers should take on board if and when we get a brexit.
  6. So much for £350 million a week towards the NHS - Madness I call it.
  7. That's because MPs, ministers and their families are not normally affected by this first hand Nick - Makes the 'We are all in it together' sound a bit feeble doesn't it?
  8. mike Meehan


    Common sense did occur all the way through the Cold War, that's why they called it MAD - Mutually Assured Destruction - however Trump is not a normal president.
  9. mike Meehan


    https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/russia-has-hacked-into-millions-of-computers-7rt6pl830 This would appear to be Russia's reply, our computers, private ones as well as company and national ones to try and cause disruption - I believe this one, although I am no compter expert and it would be well worth all checking their security to be on the safe side - apparently Cisco routers could be vulnerable as well - just checked, mine isn't a Cisco.
  10. Hopefully that will be the way forward.
  11. But who know what will happen in the future with the plans, or should I say 'non plans' of mice and men - my memory still goes back to the '70's when we really were the sick man of Europe - as far as I can, we have been suffering with problems in our fundamentals ever since the 60's and although some were addressed whilst being in the EU, not all them - one of the main ones is that there is too much short term thinking. It doesn't give me much confidence for a brexit future.
  12. I was a Tory voter until Maastricht when those bar stewards John Major complained about kicked up such a fuss that I changed my allegiance to Lib Dem and have voted for them ever since. They were mostly third rate politicians and I am sure it was an ego trip for some and the only way they could get their names in lights. Though, I say so myself, I could see the writing on the wall - I was fairly relaxed about the following labour and coalition governments because nothing was likely to happen then in this way but when the results of the '15 election were in, for which I had been hoping for another coalition. I was mortified to see the 'Cons' (Good name for the current government) got in with majority and knew what would happen - considering the couple of decades of outright propaganda by the penny dreadfuls and the mediocre campaign by remain, we did well to poll as high as we did and it only needed the remainder of the youngsters to vote and put us on the winning side. What that does show is that those who voted remain really meant it, unlike a number of the leavers who just went with the crowd and succumbed to the hype, jingoism and misinformation.
  13. http://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/top-stories/why-i-am-not-voting-tory-at-the-next-election-1-5477540 Some letters from people venting their anger expressing their opinions re the Tory party.
  14. Despite her weasel words to the contrary it is quite obvious to the rest of us that No 10 does not give a damn about people - all they are concerned about is figures and courting what they believe to be populous opinion in a vain attempt to secure their political future. Many of the people concerned in this will now be pensioners, many on just the state pension with neither the money nor the expertise to make the complicated applications expected of them through an over bureaucratic system, which, it appears, had been made so because it would thin out such applications, which would be rather a cynical move on the part of the government. Also, bearing in mind also that a hard brexit is not yet out of the window, it appears to be a pretty strange way of trying to court Commonwealth countries into trade agreements. I despair of this current government - the sooner they are put out to pasture the better, the only caveat being the opposition led by an equally deranged leader. We urgently and sorely need the centre of the house to take precedence to institute the reforms, allied with common sense, democracy and fairness, we badly need.
  15. So what is that to write home about Mark? - historically for most of the time a good average prior to the referendum was in the region of €1.40 to the pound. We rise up from about €1.07 to €1.155 and the leave propagandists are making a big song and a dance.
  16. If only it were true and this rotten shower were to get their just deserts, however when you have 'I'm' written as 'I'am' I am somewhat dubious of its authenticity. Although English is not Putin's mother tongue, he is pretty good with languages, an exacting type of fellow who I don't think would allow anything to leave the Kremlin with obvious errors like that.
  17. I have three computers here, though one is destined to go to France. On the main lap top, sticking short cuts is simple, as it was with window a few year ago because if you click on the dots on the top right it gives you a list on the right of options, one of which is to pin to the task bar. But doing the same thing on the others the list of option on the right is not similar at all and they are all on windows 10. Any ideas anybody? - I've grown rather attached to the task bar, it is so much more simple. Once difference I have noted is that on the top one the three dots are horizontal whilst on the other they are vertical.
  18. You know, I never though that, to give it its full title, The Conservative and Unionist Party, that a leader of this party would ever have wished to have gone down in history as being the one who destroyed the union and seriously thought that would save us from Brexit - silly me. Just shows how wrong you can be - I just didn't think that anybody could be that stupid.
  19. By my reckoning with 48.1:51.9, making a difference of 3.8%, a swing to remain of 2% would have meant that the remainers would have won it fractionally but no doubt there would have been a tremendous cry of woe and re-match! would have gone up from the leavers but to put it in perspective that 2% would have been just 1 in 50 of the voters. Come to that, how can 16 odd million be ignored but the leavers and the government are trying to make an effective job of it.
  20. Like them 'n us innit Nick. An idea I have never agreed with.
  21. But me and thee remember it don't we and apart from that I have looked it up. Ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law.
  22. Yes, I remember it well Pete - at one time we were on the same course - I took about three altogether and got a distinguished pass for one from an Australian University. Prior to that I was uncertain but the science convinced me.
  23. "And the leave campaign were repeatedly lied to that the EU was just a trading partner when all sensible people could see it had become a master and servant relationship with the EU steadily usurping more and more power over us." No Kent that is not correct - no secret was ever made of the political convergence - Ted Heath spoke of it in the House and it was also explained I the 'Yes' literature campaign for the referendum in '75. Prior to the referendum the UK was a senior partner in the EU, together with France and Germany. Had we voted remain that still would have been the case. The master servant relationship will very likely come if and when there is a brexit and the UK seeks closer ties with the US. "The referendum was to effectively transfer the freehold of the UK to the EU in perpetuity and lease it back to us on their terms. Insanity doesn't adequately describe it. Mere trade can never be an exchange for sovereignty and thank heaven common sense prevailed. A fool and his liberty are soon parted." This is getting back to the argument about sovereignty - the UK is and always has been a sovereign state - the suggestion that we are not is scare story put around by the leavers - in fact only a small percentage of our laws are derived from Brussels and they have to have the consent of our parliament before they are accepted - Yes, we do accept most of them because we can, or at least could see that they were in the common interest of all. It is the same with the other 27 states. "It saddens me that remainers couldn't care less about patriotism and their slavish worshipping of the EU will never cease and they will work to get us back in and under the EU boot if remotely possible. Most are ideologically wedded to the European cause or directly profit from it so they will never have any sense of patriotism to consider." You have as strange idea of patriotism, which sounds more like nationalism to me. We remainers are far more patriotic than you ever would realise, we are patriotic not only to our country but to our continent. It is the leavers who are unpatriotic in trying to desert our continent with little heed of the consequences for the 63% who did not vote leave, our friends across the water, or of those who have selflessly given up their lives where one of the reasons was to have a Europe at peace without any more wars. It saddens me even more to see the way our country, which was once highly respected, especially for its ethic, tolerance, level headedness and still led the world in many ways to be reduced down to its current level through xenophobia and overt nationalism. "As an aside us leavers on here have on many occasions been informed that the EU rather than NATO have been mainly responsible for keeping the peace in Europe. Given the fact that the French to their credit decided not to follow the path of appeasement and stand up to brutality regardless of its consequences rather contradicts that theory." Yes this keeps being thrown at us as well - why not accept the truth of the matter - NATO protected Europe from invasion by the Soviets, which was always on the cards during the cold war but the peace within Europe was maintained by the EU and its forebears. Now I am not so sure about NATO - Trump has made noises about reducing the American commitment to this, especially where eastern Europe is concerned and they are the ones who will be at most danger should Putin decide to more actively achieve his ambitions. I'm not sure what you mean in respect of the French - they kicked NATO out of France during De Gaulle's time and it was many years before they re-joined the fold, so I am struggling to see what this has to do with the cost of tea in China. I think all that boiled down to De Gaulle and Roosevelt always being at loggerheads with each other and little love was lost between them. Despite the fact it was mainly the Americans and the Brits together with people from the Empire who liberated France, though the resistance also played a vital role in this too with the help of the Allies, De Gaulle always had a bee in his bonnet about 'Les Anglo Saxons'.
  24. I don't think that the majority of those who voted to leave were aware of such a blank cheque - they were carried away by the hype and the rhetoric of the leave campaign and suspect that the nuts and bolts, of what will in actual fact be happening, were the furthest things from their minds.
  25. Unfortunately MIA your attempt to re-write history and current affairs does not altogether wash with me. Boris was caught out lying when he was a journalist reporting on the EU - his message on the side of a bus was a real porky and the whole world knows about that one, so I can't see why you insist on saying, 'I have supplied my detailed reasons for the reason that the world believes Boris and not yourselves'. Then impression I get from the brexit crew is that they have adopted the philosophy that the end justifies the means. For some reason you appear to have complete faith in the Tory party, mainly the government, and their current policies but for the life of me I cannot see why - they are evasive, economical with the truth and completely blinkered in their pursuit of brexit but in my time on this planet I have never known a UK government sink to such low depths. There is no contradiction in my mind that they are putting party before country, which I regard as a grave mistake.
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