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  1. I know it's a little soon, but any takers for the easterly next week?
  2. I also remember that awful January sat in 2004! Took me 4 hours to travel from merry hill to Stourbridge, around 4 miles. Absolute mayhem! Rain here in Halesowen currently
  3. I remember this, my Dad lives in Leicester, and I live near Birmingham, I had gone over there for the weekend, never saw it coming! Got up on the Saturday morning and couldn't believe my eyes! We had no shopping in, or toilet roll!! I walked to the nearest co-op in Leicester forest East, having to lift my legs out and over the snow for each step as someone else mentioned. Ended up stuck in Leicester until the Tuesday as it was so bad couldn't get the car off the estate!
  4. Birmingham city centre, cars covered and roads slushy but covering, can clearly see tyre tracks, and still coming down heavily
  5. nats

    January 18th 2013

    Snow stourbridge
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