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  1. Lots of build up knocking around for snow today. As it turned out there was largely nothing wintry in the SE. Here in Reigate it was cold and dry first thing but never felt like it was right for snow. The temperature and dewpoint started to rise slowly but inexorably from before 7am and even at our 110m altitude it was rain all the way, even this afternoon when it was chucking it down and you might have thought that evaporative cooling could have played a part. Anyway, in the grand scheme of things that actually matter I'm past caring if it snows or not, although I'll enjoy it if it happens. One thing for sure though, weather like we've had today is utter garbage.
  2. Heavy rain in Reigate in the Surrey Hills. Temperature and dewpoint still rising; 2.8c and 2c respectively. Foul out. Log burner going nicely.
  3. Light rain in Reigate at 110m
  4. Here in Reigate at 110m the temperature has recently started steadily rising, currently 1.2c. Dewpoint also on the up albeit still below 0c. Nicely illustrated on this graph Rain is pretty close now.
  5. Light rain still in Reigate. I guess from the posts coming in that at the top of the Downs at c230m it might be sleety. Fun to see but actually pretty miserable to be out in.
  6. Temperature up a little to 2c, DP stuck at 1.4c. Light rain still at 110m asl. It's potentially one of those many nights where hope is trumped by reality. Bit like my teenage years (last spotted 1984!)
  7. It's dry in Reigate. Or, possibly, wry in Drygate. Cold though, 1.9c, DP steady at 1.4c. Light breeze stuck on a NE setting. Wondering if my early morning departure tomorrow up and over Reigate Hill (230m) will reveal anything interesting. I am of course talking about the weather. What goes on in that car park (allegedly) is nothing to do with me.
  8. Bizarre comment. December 2010, anyone? Streamers galore producing snow.
  9. Still light rain at 110m in Reigate. 2.2c, Dewpoint has fallen from 1.7c to 1.4c in the last 20 minutes. Light breeze from the North East.
  10. Temperature has been edging down in Reigate. Currently 2.4c with a dewpoint of 1.7c. Light rain on and off so far today. Bleak.
  11. Don't do sly digs. Grown up challenge, yep. Hope this thread doesn't become another toy throwing special. Until otherwise I'll use the thread I fancy thanks as I'm sure you will.
  12. Not sure what a south Westly is but are you saying that this thread is not open to those that might like looking for cold but are realistic enough to say when they think it might not be happening? Or are we all required to stand in line in party uniform and sing the praises of the dear cold leaders?
  13. 20c in Reigate, lots of sun today after early mist shuffled away. I imagine 21/22c was hit somewhere in our neck of the woods. Love this bonus weather and frankly would be happy if it lasted until spring. A week in North Pembrokeshire from this weekend, back to the old place. Can't wait. Wild weather off the sea, extra evening daylight and cliff paths precipitous as the rain steams in with the tide and makes paths sinuous, alive and just scary enough.
  14. abruzzi spur

    Snow on the Scottish Mountains.

    I imagine those on this thread would love this book. I did and do. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Among-Summer-Snows-Christopher-Nicholson/dp/1910463604