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  1. Deleted. Not sure my popping back was a good idea. Anyway, cheerio to those from the (very) old days on here.
  2. Pretty rubbish weather today. Max of about 11c, cold north easterly breeze, no sun until about 4pm. Feeble rain shower around 10am. Hope the Met Office contingency planners forecast is close to the reality, above average temps and below average rain for April to June.
  3. Lovely warm day here in the Surrey Hills, almost 20c. Took the crazy spaniel out this morning for a long enough walk in the local woods. Early bluebells, lots of spring growth and notably dry underfoot even in the shaded bits. Anyway, all good warm up preparation for about an hour and 20 of full on squash against someone of 23, 30 years my junior. Ended as you might expect Seems to be that most of the SE is a bit down on rainfall vs average
  4. Hope you have a decent proof reader. Lovely and warm in East Surrey today, a max of 15.3c in Reigate town. Looks warmer as the week progresses.
  5. Had a 40mph gust in Reigate town, very windy indeed. Coasts and the top of the Downs will be interesting at the moment.
  6. Miserable rain and sort of half heartedly windy in Reigate. Deeply boring. If it was October I'd sort of put up with it on the basis it might (but probably wouldn't) be the precursor to wintry stuff, but in March? No ta. Warm and sunny with the odd storm, until November please. That's November 2021 if you don't mind.
  7. Looks as though there have been some notable impacts across some parts of the country from this system. Warnings seemed fair enough, albeit those not seeing devastation in their back gardens may be dismissive.
  8. 20.5c max so far in Reigate today. So we've not yet beaten yesterday's 20.6c Record has gone again though
  9. 20.2c here in Reigate according to the very reliable RGS weather station
  10. A remarkable 17.8c in Reigate and still heading up after an overnight low of 0.9c. Cloudless deep blue skies. Wonderful stuff.
  11. Is this the same as the Chinese model that was getting quoted on here recently as bringing in a freeze? Let's face it, this winter has not delivered cold despite an almost unprecedented level of hype / hope. I don't care about cold and snow any more; if it comes great, if not please give me mild and sunshine and make winter as short as possible.
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