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  1. Is this the same as the Chinese model that was getting quoted on here recently as bringing in a freeze? Let's face it, this winter has not delivered cold despite an almost unprecedented level of hype / hope. I don't care about cold and snow any more; if it comes great, if not please give me mild and sunshine and make winter as short as possible.
  2. Plenty of wild weather around today in the Surrey Hills. Warnings from the MO well justified in my view; lack of Armageddon in one's own back garden not really being enough to say warnings were misplaced. Very mild now, relatively calm, rain has stopped.
  3. Barely a centimetre of lying snow in Reigate and what there is is very patchy. Temperature and dewpoint both now just above freezing.
  4. Slightly heavier snow in Reigate now but still very light in the grand scheme of things. Woodburner going nicely though so it would be a waste to pack it in for the night just yet.
  5. Hi Kold, how's it looking for you tonight? I was just wondering 😁
  6. Lewes Crescent looks fab!
  7. Light snow started again in Reigate after an interlude of about 90 minutes.
  8. Nothing for the last hour in Reigate, we have only the tiniest of dustings.
  9. You know how to live Steve 😄 Light snow in Reigate
  10. Light snow in Reigate.
  11. And just as I posted saying it's dry in Reigate a few flakes have started falling. Just to make me look daft.
  12. Can confirm as shown by recent radar shot that it is dry in Reigate. Suggests to me that there is some fragmentation, although possible the gaps will fill in as it continues to push this way.
  13. Back in Reigate now. Dry but the wind has picked up. Radar suggests there should be precipitation but so far there isn't.
  14. Aren't we approaching the snow cut off date?
  15. Cold in Reigate when I left home just before 7am, -5.4c. Lots of hoar frost as I got closer to my office near Harefield. Stunning day. Could be in a good spot for snow later although timing is not great as am driving to the North Norfolk coast on Friday for a couple of nights away, where I suspect it will be moderately bracing. Still lying snow on Reigate Hill this morning.