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  1. Was thinking in terms of SSW effect, in fact went cold for both Feb and March but gave up on that for April and went way too mild in the end.
  2. So is that 0.4c downward correction then. Wow.😯
  3. Really heavy snow on the Winking man webcam, nice covering too. Winking marvellous!🤤
  4. Wow, looks like I won the EWP winter seasonal, that’s a bit of a shock.😃
  5. I think your probably right, it seems to me that this has been the case for quite some time now...
  6. Yes tough one this, I’m still torn. Good chance i’m thinking to myself that eventually HP will move up giving us some balmy mild Feb temps at some point.
  7. 3.3c........5/1 3.2c........2/1 3.1c.........6/4 3c............4/1 2.9c.........7/1 Will have to ask TomSE if them odds look ok.😁
  8. Can I change please, starting to think that it could stay cold all month...short month February after all so might happen, had originally been thinking along the lines of a warm up in the second half. 2.3c and 72.5mm...mainly of snow🤪 please.
  9. Last night temps were below 0c throughout the CET zone, should see a .1c drop..I’d say that 3.1c looks most likely after corrections.
  10. Unfortunately the night temps were on the high side, so not surprised to see another tick up.
  11. Expected a 3c but I thought that there was a really good chance of going back into the 2’s after this cold spell of weather. Not sure what it would take to get a winter month under 3c, something exceptional these days. Temps are always a degree or so higher than what I would have thought, particularly during the day. And there are always these super mild days that turn up where minimum is close to 9/10c and max in the low teens that make a month look rather average in spite of the other 25 days or so being cold or very cold.
  12. Late winter conditions..cold spring coming up I bet, Scandinavia high no doubt.
  13. Is it still not early days. I mean we are seeing a number of warming’s in the Trop, some haven’t even happened yet but are looking very likely, and the models are also showing the split or close to it end Jan/early Feb. A few years back people on here, far more knowledgable posters than me, used to say that it can take around 4 weeks to see the full effects of an ssw on our weather, has something changed?
  14. My biggest fear is that after all this rain, followed by potentially higher temps should the euro high move up, we end up seeing the series of SSW’s start to effect our weather into March and we end up with a cold and miserable Spring. This would be old Sod’s law as they say....🙄
  15. That’s what I calculated up to the 7th, exactly 1.3c.😊
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