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  1. Yes two very good choices, you will be taking some lovely pictures there, the Abbey in the snow sounds fab, I know them ruins well. Don't forget to post the pics though.
  2. Thats a lovely chart there FSS.
  3. Here we go, heavy snow moving up from France on Friday, lots of eye candy on this run, 06z.
  4. T Wells is one of my jackpot zones. London could miss out on the heaviest snow to start off with, I keep seeing more of a NEly so the streamers will most likely effect areas East/North East and South of London. Having said this some runs show perfectly aligned showers or bands of snow hitting London and getting well inland too, although a reminder that we really do need to keep the wind direction Ely/ENEly ideally for the fabled Thames Streamer. In fact any streamers that do set up shop could keep going for some considerable time, how long, well all day and nighttime too is possible so if your under a streamer expect a large dumping. Charts T120-T132 show what looks like the Thames streamer scenario, so London going into meltdown. So lots of snow early in the week and later next week, well maybe look out for more organised and heavy snow moving up from the continent.
  5. Remember that everything that goes thru the BBC has to go through a filter first so that when the desired message enters our minds it has the desired response.
  6. Has anyone seen the ECM, T168-T192? Snowmageddon all of next week!!!!!
  7. Yes I would stick to the motto "Be prepared", you know what the SE gets like with an inch of snow, well by Tues there could be a few inches of snow about so transport could get quite bad very quickly.
  8. Welcome. Yes Medway and T. Wells will do well out of this......I think.
  9. No thats a special picture of the future......this time next week!
  10. Ooooooooooh really, am I invited Lassie? What are you going to be BBQing, anything nice?
  11. I personally would not risk it, up to you though, could be fun but make sure you go prepared like a good boy scout.
  12. Monday, could be a covering of snow by then. Oh but If its just fish that you want though I think you will be ok.
  13. I would say somewhere around Canterbury, just a guess, maybe the North Downs that run close by could be the jack pot. What are other people saying? Steve M is the guy to ask.
  14. Yes this is going to be worse than 2009 if everything goes according to plan, I'm hoping for the Ely or ENEly, to much of a NEly and we might miss out on the really heavy stuff which will be hitting Central and East Kent and towards East Sussex, also coastal EA. I remember how back in 87 or maybe 91, anyway when the wind veered more NEly it would be snowing the other side of Dartford, getting heavier and heavier as you got towards Gravesend but back here around Bexleyheath it was just flurries.
  15. One word...Yes, big time because people have not seen this sort of thing in years and think its going to be just another inch of slush and thats it, gosh they are going to be very wrong! I just did a mega mega shop this morning, stocked up on just about everything including the last of the Bounty bars at Morrisons. Sorry Lassie, but I'm sure there are still some around over your way to add to your stock pile. Oh, and It seems to me that people are panic buying already, never seen it so busy, I mentioned snow while queuing at the check out and they all knew about it for next week. Going Marks and Spencer Saturday for another top up hopefully they will still have stuff on their shelves. So get you skates on, word is getting around fast!!