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  1. We are on the eastern edge of the heavy rain, looks like its moving in a more northerly direction now so more to come I would imagine.
  2. I'd love to be in Hastings right now! Steady rain here, everything still moving NNE.
  3. Hope your having a nice holiday down there... Heavy rain just started here after a bit of drizzle.
  4. So kind of you blush.. Yes, IF its right of course, I'm just hoping that we don't see too much in the way of frosts particularly in the last week of the month.
  5. Yes I make you right there, a very wise prediction that 11.4.
  6. Was chatting to a ship captain by chance in a pub last night who came up from Portugal, then docked at Plymouth and then across to Greenwich late Wednesday. He said that the sea was terrible around Plymouth, couldn't get out of the harbor, high waves, ended up in only 2 meters of water and almost ran aground on a sandbank, worse conditions he as ever encountered anywhere he said! Seemed genuine, northern lad quite young looking to be a skipper with a crew of 17 members I thought though, just can't work out how come things could possibly have been that bad as the storm seems to have hit further west and north of the West Country.
  7. Yes but only on low, last couple of nights and particularly early mornings were pretty chilly. Turned heating off this morning though so will see how we go.
  8. First extensive frosts around the CET zone of the autumn last night even in the south, I noticed that Benson was showing 0c at 7pm this morning so not just in the north of the area. So should see a big drop by day 3.
  9. Interesting, 14.3c which was the consensus of our forecasts.
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