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  1. Thought you might be happy with this weather Ben. I think its the easterly breeze thats pegging back temps a bit this afternoon, much clearer weather though, sunbathing weather in fact.
  2. Lovely breeze picked up here too, taking the edge off the temps. Wall to wall sunshine, just right.
  3. ITV London forecast going for 29c at Heathrow today and tomorrow, could end up even higher than that they said, particularly tomorrow. So 30c is not out of the question.
  4. 23c widely already around the London area, and out to Gravesend (10am), at this rate we could hit the high 20's c if it stays sunny this afternoon, can't see much in the way of cloud today. I'll stick my neck out and go for a high of 28c today in London, maybe Heathrow again will come in tops.
  5. Yes no breeze at all and a very hot sun, I did a bit this evening in the garden, going pretty well. Would have been lovely for a BBQ but am cooking a curry tonight, took a lot longer than I though to get all the spices ready with this recipe but was worth it in the end with a nice glass of red claret.
  6. Nice day here too. Cloud came in about 1pm for a couple of hours, lovely evening. These sort of temps are just right for me, 24-26c is ideal. Was actually too warm to work in the garden earlier when the sun was out.
  7. I think he's worried about his BBQ on Saturday turning into a washout. Its the cloud within the HP thats annoying me somewhat, met office showing a fair bit of overcast weather again tomorrow and Thursday. Anyway hopefully see more of the sun from now on, think the east could still get up to 28/29c on Saturday before any cloud cover moves in from the west. London looking rather hot and humid.
  8. Horrible, cloudy, drizzle on and off. Ohhhh as I type the sun is trying. No gone again.
  9. I thought I was going to be way too high at 12.6c, but now I'm thinking it could end up a few degrees above that.
  10. Well what a wonderful day, 24c, wall to wall sunshine, a slight breeze. Going to look for tomatoes today, probably a little late to be planting them though.
  11. I got some inheritances out there in Italy, not as good as it sounds though, its a lot of responsibility and piles of Italian taxes to pay all the time, after all the country is almost bust so they keep making up new taxes...particularly if your non-resident. Well I go over a couple of times a year and I rented a cottage to an lady and her daughters last year who is English/Italian, they are keeping an eye on things. Rents are real low though compared to here, it just about pays for the upkeep of properties and the taxes, nothing left over. Also very difficult to sell in more inland/mountain areas, if you want an Italian bargain, this is the ideal time to buy.
  12. Yes I forgot to mention herbs, I have most of herbs here too, love fresh herbs. I'm looking for some giant tomatoes to plant right now as it goes, any idea where I can buy a few plants, B&Q I was thinking or a garden centre?
  13. Was my dad had the green fingers, passed away 4 years ago though, I'm a complete amateur trying to grow a few things in the back garden. I usually stick to basics, tomatoes, chard, spinach, potatoes, lettuce. Planted a fair few fruit trees, just cherry and fig here, want to get a decent apple tree down too but the garden is not that big unfortunately. Got a bit of land in N Italy where I planted some trees, apple, pear, apricot, cherry, fig, Jujubi, peach, got a real nice persimmon that produces lots of fruit, too much in fact and the branches are always breaking off. Also have a couple of young walnut trees doing well over there but a really old walnut tree that produced lots of big walnuts died last year, bit gutted. Talking about frosts, they were so bad in the mountains there about 3/4 weeks ago that they have lost all their fruit, even the potatoes died I was told. I personally don't go to Italy much any more though, maybe once a year.
  14. Hows the Allotment going sb, I planted some rhubarb about a month or so ago and they are massive already, can't believe it really, do they usually grow that fast? Potatoes are best they have ever been this year too, that rain was just the job. Been out working today, lots clearing to do still at the bottom of the garden thats pretty overgrown, getting it ready to do raised beds for veg next year.
  15. Feeling really warm here already and its only around 20c. I remember a late May heatwave when I was in my teens, probably around late 70's or 1980, was memorable because it came from nowhere like this one coming up and it was as hot as you might expect in mid summer. Everyone was complaining about the heat and we were drinking lots of ice cold coke with slices of lemon. Looking at the Archives looks like it was probably 1978.