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  1. We get there in the end, complete opposite to the 12z in FI, making hard work of it though.
  2. Yes it is lovely over there, but very expensive to do anything, and the taxes, well I won't talk about the taxes or I will go on all night long.
  3. 18z, this is a LOT better, undercut approaching?.....big run coming up?
  4. It's going to snow tomorrow where I have my house in NW Italy at 600m asl, but thats been downgraded a lot today from about 30cm to under 10cm, funny old place, often misses out on the really heavy stuff but still good fun to get 30com-50cm of snow falling over night from time to time. Got the good old wood burners over there, lovely stuff. There's an old barn that I wanted to covert in a great position and good views, big openings to put in large glass windows and watch the snow come down while the fire is roaring, problem is that the property market is pretty well bust around there so the money you would have to spend you would never get back if you had to sell up. Pity we didn't get this current easterly in 2 or 3 weeks time, probably would have been mainly snow just in time for Christmas too.
  5. I need to move somewhere further up a hill, makes a big difference that sort of altitude, particularly in theSE in marginal events.
  6. Do you think we might get some of the white stuff Steve this Tues/Weds? Maybe on the hills, sleet even? ICON upgrades again, -8c uppers close by there at T48.
  7. Two meters of snow sounds more like it.....One day, we can wish....
  8. May not be perfect but time is on our side a T240. The Greenland high could end up just about perfect when the weather god has made up his mind! (not the models, they will remain all over the place), what more do we want, come on this is a fantastic chart. Historic low coming up on the Layman's sunspot count remember.
  9. Yes and they were all over the place here this afternoon, lost count of how many I saw, also 3 or 4 stationary ones, or moving very slowly. OMG in fact it was like War of the Worlds, the martians are coming I thought to myself...Or flying goats....Or chemtrails, what ever they are meant to be spraying....mmmm Here are a few pics I took.
  10. Getting the perfect synoptics in the UK is like baking a good cake, we usually lack the ingredients, but right now they are all there and for the taking, it's not just hints and clutching at straws for something to turn up. Will we have something really tasty turn up by early December, It seems to me that we are in a far better position this year for something special. November is pushing it a bit for a decent cold spell, but by early December its definitely game! Come on ECM, you can come out trumps!
  11. Look at all that lovely cold air just to our east on the RV3, won't take much for that to edge westwards surely.
  12. I agree with you for the east of the country, but further west, NW, Wales, and some higher areas in central England, well there's a fair chance of something white, almost certainly of the wet variety but hey ho, better than nothing.
  13. Yes horrible end to the GFS nws, just as well that it's way out in la la land. In fact I'm more interested in next week now, it just seems to me that there could be some early snowfall around after all as a late November bonus. I prefer watching the GFS (p), seems to have been way more consistent.