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  1. Heaviest rain in a long while here just now, flash flooding, main road looks like a river.
  2. Maybe not, its quite erratic as it moves northwards.
  3. Yes that middle area producing some light rain here now. Damn I wanted some of that lot west of London.
  4. Yes this rain was very welcome, no watering required now in the garden for a few days. And an improving picture from the models so the next heatwave looks like it will turn up sooner rather than later.
  5. Yes was unbearable in my house last night, a wall was baking hot on the inside, could barely breath in my bedroom. No joke!
  6. The sun was very hot here today until about 3pm, now humid, felt like the med does on a hot day. Now the strangest thing has happened, got warm water coming out of the cold tap in bathroom, everything feels hot upstairs, beds, towels, baking.
  7. Juicy crop of storms just to the NW of you, some places look to have had a lot of rain in the last couple of hours according to the radar.
  8. Could turn into a very hot mid July if this is close to the mark.
  9. It makes no difference Karl if its Summer or Winter, the models still don't have a clue past day 5, just an idea of what might be.
  10. July 2017 C.E.T. Forecasts

    No CET today then?
  11. July 2017 C.E.T. Forecasts

    16.2c for me please
  12. June 2017 C.E.T. Forecasts

    So we have a well above average first half of the year Jan-June, I wonder if we could end up with a colder than average 2nd half? Charts for July looking consistently bleak.
  13. Its on the Met Office site as 33c, although they may have rounded up to that figure. The Wundermap site has temps even higher but most of them are usually wrong, I have even seen 100F show up a few times of late on there in the SE.
  14. Officially its 33c at Heathrow at 14.00. So its likely to get a lot hotter from now til 6pm as the higher uppers of up to around 20c move in.
  15. Very hot this afternoon, last day of the very mild weather so going out with a bang, 32,33,maybe 34c likely somewhere around London I would think. Longest day of the year today, so now we start the slow but relentless shortening of the days, hardly noticeable at first but by the middle/late August a marked difference will be perceived as we head back towards Winter. Did anyone go to Stone Henge last night?