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  1. Torrential now, why can't I get thunder snow like this?
  2. Proper streak lightning too, 10/10!
  3. A much wider expanse of Thundery PPN moving up now, most of us should get something out of this next band.
  4. The next lot looks like hitting central London too, could be some flooding around, a wet bank holiday night out for those up town.
  5. Its now moved into central London, looking really bad.
  6. Same here, they were heading straight for me but are heading more NW now and are just missing me, still a great light show though but only a drop or two of rain. Just took a pic
  7. I'd love to see charts like that in January though.
  8. Felt really chilly this morning, took mum for hospital appointments, really hard going with her dementia, she then stubbornly decided she didn't want to get out of the car when we got back, sat in the car for well over an hour until her carer came at 3pm and we finally convinced her to get out, proper mad. But what a change in the afternoon, feels baking hot in my garden, or is it hot flushes? Oh dear.... maybe its the male menopause thats started?
  9. Warming up nicely over the weekend for your goat BBQ, 20c maybe 21c in London looking likely, yes with sun.
  10. Yes lets just hope that the GFS 12z is wrong.
  11. Feeling quite cold here this morning and overcast, what a difference a day makes.