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  1. Anyone notice the HIRLAM 18z? Slap bang over London in time for the morning rush hour!
  2. Arome 18z has just shifted the storm further west as compares to its 12z run.
  3. Euro4 has shifted things further east again, interesting.
  4. I make you right there, showers could end up pretty much hit and miss though so some places could be hitting 30c and a few miles away only 22/23c.
  5. Looking hot to me by the looks of UKMO, I think that the GFS is over doing the PPN, anyway 30c should be breached at the very least around London and parts of the Midlands.
  6. I'm going to be abroad this July so it's bound to become quite warm or hot, I'll go for 17c please.
  7. Not had that much rain here, now in the big hole thats over London...Was hoping for the odd rumble of thunder by now.
  8. True...although that's what we would normally expect to see in Winter months, I mean the sinking highs.
  9. Surely we will get at least one settled period of weather before months end....or will we?
  10. Although temps at 12 noon of 11/12/13c in central areas are on the cold side compared to what we would expect these days in early January....
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