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  1. Is everyone enjoying the hot weather? I’m in warmish northern Italy for a few weeks, certainly not been what I would call hot here, had some lightning shows that were good fun.. Anyway stay cool everyone, love and kisses from italy.
  2. Strange things going on in the garden this year, is this a dragon fly with translucent winds? Never seen one of them around here before, and my figs are ripening, wow, in mid July, can't believe it.
  3. Yes very cool breeze this evening, almost feels cold! Ohhhh.... looking forward to a nice cold spell with lots of the S word.
  4. ENGLAND win win win win win!!!!....................
  5. Thats really cheap, is that just for cold air? I know there are systems that warm the house in winter too, I could get rid of my central heating as it needs updating.
  6. I know aircon is the way forwards, I am going to look into that. Yes I think that A&E depts are going to get busy after the game particularly if England were to lose, but with a win people are just going to carry on drinking all evening and celebrating. I'm sweating like an old goat on heat here already, 29c recorded at Heathrow at 12.00.
  7. Yup already 27c around London too, should get over 30c quite quickly later on for the footy. Mad afternoon coming up in the heat and all the drinking, not going to the pub today, you could not get in the door for last Tues game today will be murder. Oh, and my house is now officially an over, my bedroom is hottest room too even with the fans on its just more warm air being blown around.
  8. Its a bit confusing now with the rainfall totals thrown in, lots of facts and figures.
  9. Not long til Christmas, too hot for me.....White one this year!
  10. Yes driest but not hottest 1st half of Summer, none of these 33/34c plus days, no rain here since May, pretty desperate stuff really. I think that we will see a different type of weather in the second half of summer, win the world cup in the final on the 15th and then the weather can do whatever it wants til Christmas!
  11. London currently 28-29c. Warmest day since that 29c in the middle of April...Might we even hit 30c this afternoon I wonder?