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  1. 18z short ensembles tell an interesting story. Belfast and London:
  2. T120, now according to my maths that would be D5. Could be a very interesting period of model watching coming up in the next few days if that Fax chart is close to the mark.
  3. Been out all day so missed the fun and games. Tonights latest T120 Fax chart looks rather tasty
  4. What are the chances of December 2017 being a repeat of the memorable December 1981 then? Was that not also a low sunspot period with a la nina? :crazy::cold::D




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    2. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      Dec 2013 was one of the wettest Decembers on record, completely snow free

    3. snowray


      Was 2010 the cold one? We have had lots of mild Decembers around here in recent years, just one cold one.

    4. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      ay 2010 was cold, a one off good month in the christmas pudding

  5. Horrible heavy drizzle here, feeling cold too.
  6. Thanks for that. The map that I use on Meteociel does not go north enough, it stops around Cumbria.
  7. Mainly mild on the 06z ensembles then, the colder members very much in the minority, even Berlin is trending milder. I usually find the 06z run to be the least reliable though out of the four. 06z Ensembles Glasgow Edinburgh London Berlin Milan
  8. Shame there are no ensembles for Glasgow or Edinburgh.
  9. Are those the ensembles for Dudley there Weirpig?
  10. Chalk and cheese at T192, something has got to give later on today, maybe a third solution like HP centred over the uk. mmmmm
  11. Yes and its that shortwave up near Iceland thats the spanner in the works again, as soon as you see that going east up there its pretty clear where the run is going. Hold on, looking good again as the cold air fights back...
  12. At D5 its still not even close to the ECM, yes more progressive than the last three runs, UKMO taking the middle ground it would seem.