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  1. Strange that I wanted to go for 9.2c and then thought surely not, way too high. Anyway, still a long way to go, may see some frosty weather turn up in the last week or so of the month.
  2. So no adjustments then, I'm not really all that surprised, that 17.6c is spot on according to my calculations as the final figure so I must be doing something right. My 17.3c entry is the closest I've got in a while so I'm pretty happy with that considering where we were last week in the 18's.🙂
  3. I'll let you off in the summer months but just dont fail this winter feb...
  4. Yes quite a drop indeed, I never expected a drop into the mid 17s myself last week.
  5. Yes I'm thinking that. I was expecting 18c by the 29th, but what with rounding up/down I wasn't quite sure that it would actually happen. As to a final figure, well it depends again if that 18c has been rounded up or down, I noticed that temps got as low as 4c in quite a few places last night, and today's max temps look to be in the mid teens so another 0.2c drop should be on the cards. Bank holiday Monday might turn out somewhat milder by the afternoon though as HP temporarily moves in, high teens likely maybe but tonight looks rather cold again, so another drop of 0.1c, possibly 0.2c by the
  6. Same here, dark all around and not a drop of rain, bone dry. I would have gone out today but expected heavy rain for most of the afternoon so stayed in, so annoying.
  7. I had torrential rain here yesterday evening with flooding, but not one rumble of thunder or lightning....typical!
  8. I can report very heavy rain, finally something has moved south of the river without loosing intensity. Now torrential, gaining in intensity, but no thunder...yet.
  9. Wow, just had 5 mins of drizzle here....first rain in a long time though.
  10. Yes...so annoying. This must be the driest area of the country, even in winter seems to miss the heavier snow showers, when its snowing out in Kent, Essex, Surrey, just a few flurries manage to arrive in Bexley, If your lucky.🙄
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