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  1. JMA not too bad this evening. So chances are of something half decent to look forward to from the NW with the ECM being the pick of the crop. 13 days of January left remember so time is still on our side, things can change very quickly of course, even the ECM D15 clusters, or should I say 100% cluster, if correct only takes us out to the 2nd of February, so chin up buttercups, all is not lost.
  2. Yes looks good, very good even, but the big question is will it still be there on the 00z run though?
  3. It was snowing in Tunisia back in November too, saw pics of camels with snow on their backs.
  4. Yes I have often thought about this, Imagine a range of hills in southern Uk from London to Bristol up to about 1,000 meters, the country would be divided in two even in an average winter with snowfall and high drifts.
  5. Spains turn to get a dumping of snow, mainly in the mountains I know but just goes to show how these countries with hot summers like Greece and Turkey, get lovely hot summers and snow in winter too.
  6. Well we have got LP over Europe for the next few days but unfortunately the high is right over us and not a few hundred miles further north. Also the main area of LP is not in a favourable position down over southern Spain, if it had been northern Italy/Austria we would have been seeing a half decent easterly develop.
  7. This is a lot better from the ECM, HP shifted nicely out of the way west, game on surely?
  8. Once again it's hats off to the ECM and UKMO, LP ends up over southern Spain after all, GFS kept showing the main low around the bay of Genoa and northern Italy, wrong again GFS by about 1,000km! Can GFS be trusted out at D8/9, obviously not, stick with ECM and UKMO and you wont go far wrong.
  9. ICON looking good at T180, similar to the 18z, HP nicely out west, northerly primed and ready, pity it don't go out a bit further.
  10. I like the look of that last one with the low sinking south instead of east and HP staying out in the Atlantic, nice cold NEly there, could we get a reload I wonder?
  11. I beat both of you over a quarter of an hour ago, come on keep up...Right, who's staying up for the 00z runs???
  12. 18z control showing the northerly as well, not such a prolonged cold spell but nice to see it supporting the op so its not likely to be an outlier.
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