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  1. Looking at the radar, odds on a sharp shower or two here and dramatic temps drop in the next few hours 🤣
  2. Big forecast underestimate here in sunny Chilwell... from NW forecasts i was thinking maybe 32C max. Following this pic, it has continued to rise - now 35.3C. Looking forwards to tomorrow, this seems a bizarre 1.5-day heat spike, doesn't it?!
  3. Absolutely foul here (just SW of Nottingham) for past hour. Steady rain, gusty Easterly (ENE) wind, 6C. There's even been smatterings of sleet in the heavier bursts. Vile!
  4. From pithers and snizzles we now have a proper streamer in Chilwell at long last! Maybe 2 hours more to come - first for yonks and a first ever for me at -6C! Reminds me of the first dumping on Boxing Night 1962 So far nearly 4" (don't get me ranting about centimetres) from zilch. Regardless of Friday/the weekend, this'll do me! Looks wonderful and quiet outside, as does my large Jameson's inside...
  5. Popped into my garden yesterday mid-afternoon to savage an out-of-control bush while the mood took me - weather heavily overcast, gloomy, 16C. Suddenly the cloud broke to a brief sunny interval with an effect akin to opening the oven door - temp. rose 7C in a few seconds! Extraordinary sensation...
  6. Sleety cold rain south of Nottingham now... 5.1C
  7. I'd be happy to help, Paul. Especially if the new system could banish totally irrelevant posts!!
  8. Clearly the mods have it all on to 'police' every post, but it's a right royal pain scrolling through all the dross to find a knowledgeable/interesting one ABOUT THE MODEL OUTPUT! If I'm posting this in the wrong place, I hold my hands up, but is there any way to build a filter into the forum so we can select (if we want to) a chosen few posters who we know usually talk relevant sense?! And (off topic) if I see 'anomalies' spelled 'anomalys' again, I fear the consequences...
  9. Amazingly the Beeston snow barrier has been down for well over 3 hours. Glorious, Hollywood snow to begin, then standard moderate stuff. Prob 2" lying now. This bears an uncanny resemblance to what happened on Boxing Day night, 1962 (for anyone who can remember!!), when I was 7 and living in Hatch End. The rest is history...
  10. WiX is an excellent builder too - maybe even easier than Wordpress. Also free!
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