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  1. Small flakes but good intensity here to the west of Peterborough, another thin but nice covering. Have been feeding the birds every morning this week and have just counted 22 blackbirds out there at once, must be a record. Well for here anyways.
  2. That’s amazing IT, I think you are about 20 miles south of me and I am looking out on 4-5inches, those showers coming in off the wash last night is what did it for us. Unfortunately, the big showers to our east look like fizzling out before they reach us.
  3. Drove through Stamford earlier and I estimate that there was a good 3-4 inches on the tops of some cars and at that point it was still really hammering down, 10 miles south in Peterborough it had virtually gone apart from some favoured sheltered spots. Still a lot to be hopeful for though (he says with his fingers crossed.....)
  4. Yes, absolutely throwing it down here 7 miles west of peterborough.
  5. Absolutely pouring here in Peterborough, flakes are not massive but the intensity, wow, not seen this since Jan 2013.
  6. Yep, up here we definitely don’t need it to head any further south! We need it a touch further north and east.
  7. Much heavier now, there seems to be a 15min lag in what the radar is showing and what is actually happening. If it stays as snow, I'm hoping that the lag happens on the back end as well
  8. Don't think I've ever seen it snow so slowly, one flake every 3 seconds. No sign of any settling at all here.
  9. It's currently 3.9c here from a high of 4.9 earlier with a current dp of 0.7.
  10. Yeah, tonight is more hope than anything, not really expecting much though if at all. But, after the heavy snow earlier which was unexpected this time yesterday, who knows!
  11. After a nice covering this afternoon I thought that maybe that was it for us until later in the weekend but, just but, I think we maybe in with a shout tonight (fingers crossed )
  12. I am about 7ish miles from Cottesmore, the quake woke me up and this morning a picture hanging in my bathroom is only hanging on on one side.In bed early as I didn't think the showers were gonna make it this far, in case you're wondering 😊
  13. Big flakes mixed in with rain now here in the north east of peterborough.
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