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  1. Heavy snow in Stannington, north west Sheffield. -1.8c
  2. Even if it does turn milder, since when was 5 days of cold with at least 3 ice days a “blink and you’ve missed it” event? Yes, looks like we may only get 1 to 2 feet of snow in Sheffield...just not up to those winters you had in the 70s and 80s. M0dern Wlnter.... ?
  3. Pit, could not disagree with you more re snow types. I live in Sheffield (top of Stannington, 230m) and before that I lived in Crookes. This Winter alone, there must have been 5 separate days already where but for winter tyres, I simply couldn’t have got up to our house on main roads. I ventured out on one of those days in my other car which doesn’t have full winter tyres, but does have mud and snow rated tyres and plenty of clearance, and came a cropper on a hill nearbye. In some of the snowier winters in Crookes, some of the cars were stranded on the steep residential roads for days at a time.
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