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  1. Been trying to visit a friend in Harrogate for a few weeks. First time we cancelled as we both hot a bug, second time was last Thursday and I would have got stuck on the roads, third time is tomorrow and what with the current flooding and more rain, we have decided to postpone til Spring. It's my drive up and back that leads me through all the flooded areas. So we have postponed til the Spring as we were going to RHS Harlow Carr. OH been saying for months snow here in the East Midlands for Christmas. Nothing scientific just his gut feeling.
  2. Temperatures better for me. I have an autoimmune disease which also causes me not to regulate extremes of temperatures very well. I am better with cold than the recent heat. Despite the radar yesterday showing ppn from Belgium area in a stream, today it was really weird and showed it just bubbling up out of Leicester. See pic. Also, despite the fact we have had terrible rain previously and the River Soar had burst its banks, the brook in our village is almost dry.
  3. Nothing here east of Loughborough. 2⁰C cooler in the bedroom now but still reading 27.7⁰C. Hope the colder front arrive a bit smartish.
  4. Horribly hot and muggy and the storms seem to be more Suffolk and Lincolnshire bound.
  5. We have hit 35⁰C here just east of Loughborough. Hoping we get a cracker of a storm later but suspect we are just in the wrong place.
  6. Continuous rain but 2nd band of lightning starting now.
  7. I have never experienced a storm like that in my life. Almost constant lightning and the thunder was constant, eerie and like someone shaking a metal sheet in a theatre. And the rain was absolutely torrential; I could barely see the houses across the road. Quite amazing. Still raining quite a bit now. Lightning and thunder gone north across The Wolds. Bring on phase 2!
  8. Really cold this morning when I cleaned the chickens out. Just taken this picture. Snow still here. In my experience if snow remains then there is still more to come. It may be a few weeks away. We shall see.
  9. We didn't. Though the sky going an odd colour out to the east.
  10. Both my former homes, Epsom and Charlwood got a reasonable amount last night. Meh. Shame.
  11. I know the primary is snow, but I have actually enjoyed following this "event". I have found it fascinating as to the amount of changes in forecasts and the downgrading/upgrading. I think I have learnt more about the weather with this than ever before.
  12. Well my trusty little Oregon clock has been saying rain for a few hours. I saw mackerel sky earlier, so I guess ppn is likely here. I am placing my bets on clear snow. Something about the sky though. If not now, then maybe into Feb. This is not scientific and I will probably be wrong.
  13. Ooh look Loughborough is white. Does that mean snow? ???
  14. You see that hole at the bottom of the chart on the right? Just above Brighton? That was where we lived. Virtually nothing there either. I thought moving north would increase my chances, seems East of Loughborough ain't so good either
  15. NW give me this. Okaaaay. Seems a bit FI at this stage. I thought the weather was supposed to take a warm turn for a bit?
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