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  1. We have like a snow mizzle effect going on. Is snizzle a thing?
  2. Yeah it's half sunny here. Completely stopped now.
  3. Well, windy, snowy, getting heavier. Looks like it could be in for sometime. We shall see.
  4. Where I used to live, in Surrey, the easterlies were the only one's to bring decent snow. Except 2018 when we actually got virtually nothing. Right I am back off to sleep now.
  5. Just been to the loo and yes, icing sugar here too. Guess I am not quite in that sweet amber spot despite being up on the Wolds. I am literally a mile or 2 away from the Amber warning.
  6. Minor ppn here. I think I am neither east enough or west enough for anything major.
  7. The old Mk1 eyeball Had some cold drizzle from it but nothing much.
  8. When I went out to do the chooks, I was ok in my tshirt, by the time I came back in the temp had dropped quite a lot.
  9. Just going to clean out the chickens and top up feed. Sky gone a funny orange colour.
  10. I am up the road from you and have this horrible suspicion we will have almost nothing this time.
  11. I am East Midlands, North Leicestershire. We had an amazing event the other week. Seems like we might be in the middle between any snow.
  12. Been trying to visit a friend in Harrogate for a few weeks. First time we cancelled as we both hot a bug, second time was last Thursday and I would have got stuck on the roads, third time is tomorrow and what with the current flooding and more rain, we have decided to postpone til Spring. It's my drive up and back that leads me through all the flooded areas. So we have postponed til the Spring as we were going to RHS Harlow Carr. OH been saying for months snow here in the East Midlands for Christmas. Nothing scientific just his gut feeling.
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