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  1. Really cold this morning when I cleaned the chickens out. Just taken this picture. Snow still here. In my experience if snow remains then there is still more to come. It may be a few weeks away. We shall see.
  2. You know I said we needed an Easterly?????
  3. Not a thing here. Everything has melted too.
  4. We didn't. Though the sky going an odd colour out to the east.
  5. Both my former homes, Epsom and Charlwood got a reasonable amount last night. Meh. Shame.
  6. I know the primary is snow, but I have actually enjoyed following this "event". I have found it fascinating as to the amount of changes in forecasts and the downgrading/upgrading. I think I have learnt more about the weather with this than ever before.
  7. It's toddling northwards at a bit of a lick!
  8. Well my trusty little Oregon clock has been saying rain for a few hours. I saw mackerel sky earlier, so I guess ppn is likely here. I am placing my bets on clear snow. Something about the sky though. If not now, then maybe into Feb. This is not scientific and I will probably be wrong.
  9. Ooh look Loughborough is white. Does that mean snow?
  10. You see that hole at the bottom of the chart on the right? Just above Brighton? That was where we lived. Virtually nothing there either. I thought moving north would increase my chances, seems East of Loughborough ain't so good either
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