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  1. Storme

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    One or two flakes here East of Luga. Paths like icerinks. Would be nice to have a dusting, but it's a start!
  2. Sorry if this is a lame question but as a complete novice, can I ask the more clever and long term members who post on this forum; How close to a snow event have the charts suddenly changed and it's all been off? A matter of days? Hours? And what changes would you be looking for? Not trying to be doom and gloom, just interested.
  3. Storme

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Chilly but sunny today. Sorry not been posting for a bit. Hoping winter kicks in later this month!
  4. Thank you. Sorry if I sound a bit dumb but trying to learn.
  5. I don't understand these models very much but am learning from reading these threads. I don't want to take the thread off track by asking too many questions. Last winter I was in Surrey and the Beast gave us nothing but a sprinkling. I have moved to the East Midlands. From what I am interpreting, and I am probably wrong, but am I still in the wrong area for possible snow? Is it more westerly?
  6. Storme

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    A cold and showery day here in Leicestershire, made bleaker by the sad news here today. Not a football fan but in the few short months I have been here I realise how passionate and proud the people of Leicestershire are of LCFC the Foxes.
  7. Storme

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    We had rain. This morning it was so bitter out. Very possibly something wintery mixed In with it.
  8. Storme

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Was just thinking the same.
  9. Storme

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Very warm last night and today. Lovely blue skies.Wind has really started to pick up now.
  10. Storme

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Wind picking up here. Chilly too.
  11. Storme

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Wind and rain whipping around nicely out there. Stay safe everyone.
  12. Thanks for that. Wind and rain really picked up here. No thunder as yet. I am probably a bit strange. I have got a top window open and the noise of the wind and rain is almost comforting. I lived in a second, (top), floor flat for 40 years with my mum. You could hear weather against the roof and windows. My boyfriend and I moved to Charlwood in 2012. The house wasn't really one you could hear the weather in, if you get what I mean. This house we are currently in is brilliant for hearing rain and wind. Sorry for waffling on.
  13. Sorry to jump in but wanted to ask what the East Midlands is expected to be like? Only moved up here in May so only just beginning to fathom the weather up here. Are we in for strong wind just East of Loughborough?