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  1. The watson sits on top of the post, make sure the bolts are tight. The other (lower) anemometer is a spare from my old oregon. I now use it solely as a weather vane that I can see from the house.
  2. I had mine talking to wunderground without issue, little WU symbol appears on screen to show it's connected . Results arrived at wunderground. I connected it to met office wow and ecowitt. Now it's stopped sending data to wunderground and the WU support haven't answered my query. I originally had ambient ws2000 selected as the station type as ecowitt doesn't appear.
  3. Mines on a dog leg TV pole attached to the garage with a mounting plate
  4. They may have already been mentioned, but there are some regional weather history books. I've got both of The Lancashire Weather Book and Yorkshire equivalent. Some nice historical photos of 6 feet snowdrifts and "ice bergs" on the Mersey. Photos speak a thousand words and can contradict "inaccurate" measurements from old instruments as some scientists proclaim
  5. Does the ecowitt lightning detector work with watson? Nothing relating to one in compatible sensors. However it does use dew point exceeding 70f for lightning icon to appear.(page 76)
  6. The screen shows a dew point reading and it's documented in the manual for ws8686
  7. Ordered a station from nevada and a separate pm25. Quick to arrive, quick to set up and already atop my old pole attached to the garage. Just need to configure wifi and wunderground and sit back Now where is that damn rain! BTW I had a spare and still new crud basket from my old oregon rain bucket as the watson doesn't come with one. Advisable to keep out leaves etc (part of an old sieve would suffice ) Thanks for all your help.
  8. To what weather sites can this watson device send data to? Until my oregons packed in a few years ago i was posting to wonderground and awekas. And btw thanks for the info on this device, and spares.
  9. Thanks for the link. Interesting. I was looking at the ambient weather ws2000 and this Watson looks almost identical (except for different colour Base unit). Any thoughts? A UK rebrand? Or coincidence?
  10. Hello, are there any amateur weather stations on the market (Europe/UK) which connect directly to the internet via wifi on base station to router, rather than base station to PC to router? Many years ago I had two Oregon Scientific weather stations where the base stations connected to the PC (serial and USB ports) to connect to the internet. I want to by pass this hurdle. It would be ideal if the weather station had extras like UV etc. thanks BrianR
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