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  1. Complete whiteout after 20 minutes then of course it stopped just as it going here in Cleethorpes! Still lovely peaceful evening hour long walk. 😀
  2. Last 12hours been pretty disappointing, idk how the Netweather.tv dare use the phrase "Beast from the East" on their front page, so far its been another disappointing episode.
  3. All white here now on the coast, no big flakes as yet, stop start stop start affair.
  4. Man made surfaces maybe, but the countryside is very much water logged.
  5. Making landfall in the 20-30 minutes at a guess going by raintoday.co.uk
  6. Cleethorpes... and thanks! Lots of ride videos in there, love the Wolds.
  7. A dusting of snow here in the last 30 minutes or so, radar looks interesting for now and overnight; that wind is quite something too.
  8. Quite right so everyone has got themselves worked up about any potential snowfall, but just been for 6 mile plus walk around Humberston, Cleethorpes and I can tell you it ain't half windy outside today. I would have loved to have gotten out and ridden my bike today over to the Wolds or somewhere, nice warm flask of Coffee, maybe a few biscuits looking over towards the Lincolnshire coastline, but the wind today and the next few days quickly point an end to that idea.
  9. A very light hail shower here in Cleethorpes, settling on the road easy enough by the looks of it and the wind is up. Doesn't look like much on the radar today unless it intensifies.
  10. I have to agree with Reef and others in East Yorkshire it was definitely disappointing in terms of snow depth. There was certainly no hours of heavy continous snowfall, but more like short bursts of heavy showers which only reasonable in depth due to their on and off nature. Thia period will remembered more for that strong Easterly wind that caused snow drifts and often near zero visibility on exposed coastal strips and exposed elevations. It was pretty good, above average in the christmas pudding; nothing spectacular and certainly not up there with the best. Well I hope th
  11. Am starting to believe them stories about governments seeding the clouds to warn away severe weather because this is not what was forecast. Snow everyday Tuesday onwards yet the forecast show zilch for this area. Cold weather is not interesting by itself, these so called ice days won't materialise without snow cover.
  12. The Beast from the East is turning into a Chihuahua from the Sahara.
  13. That BBC forecast from yesterday evening clearly shows the winds moving from a NE to a straight E with the bulk of the showers heading through the far North of our region missing most of us entirely. I am yet to be convinced of snow amounts given the track of showers showing a near miss.
  14. Cold sure is hanging on today... high of 6... heading to Hull earlier about 10.30am temperature of 1C along the A15 accompanied by rain.
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