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  1. I'm gonna make a bold prediction- The next time we get a period of prolonged sunshine again in the South/South-East will be around 21st August- give or take a day or 2. The pattern this year seems to be shorter periods of sunshine (1st half of June, 2nd half of April, Mid july) sandwiched between 4-week/month-long spells of mainly Stratus (Most of May, 2nd half of June into 1st half of July and to a lesser extent, most of March into early April- aside from the excellent 2 days at the end of March) So adding around a month from today takes me to August 21 area! Lets all hope my prediction is wrong and we get sunshine again earlier haha.
  2. I am a huge fan of sunny weather and had this week off from work so this week has been a dream for me! Shame the weekend is forecasted as a washout as i had lots of plans but still can't complain much. It eases the memories of the 2 month worth cloudfest of the majority of May and end 2nd half of June into the 1st half of July.
  3. Living in the South East, this has comfortably been the cloudiest year i have ever experienced. The only prolonged sunny spells were the 2nd half of April and the 1st half of June. At least I now know what it feels like to live in the Faroe Islands. The forecast for at least the 1st half of July is also a cloudfest and that could even rumble on in to the 2nd half of July too. I think we may have a new record for least sunshine hours on record this year in the South East. It will be interesting to see the total at the end.
  4. Only joined this forum today and wondering what website this data is from or where I can find it? Cheers!
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