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  1. Meteox.com radar showing more activity in North Sea and over the near continent.
  2. Darker skies and heavier snow flurries verging on light snow in Far North East Essex. Unexpected.
  3. North East Essex here, 3 miles from Suffolk border, been snowing heavily here since 6.15pm now 6cm of laying snow. Make of that what you will, radar returns are practically useless in determining what is falling.
  4. I'm under the blob, Essex Suffolk border 10 miles from the coast. Don't get excited, light snow blowing in the wind. NOT a disaster zone.
  5. good snow here in NE essex for last 15 minutes, settling for now, I know it is only showers, but nice to see. Heavy and 50p size flakes.
  6. There is an enormous lack of respect for other people in this thread at the moment. I suggest that if one doesn't have something to add to the model discussion with a salient chart or pertinent information, then do not add anything. If you don't like another's tone, life view, implicit or explicit opinions, just ignore them or block them. It is not up to contributors to put other people in their place, or "correct" them. Let the mods do their job. Leave the space for discussion of the models and leave the majority of silent and interested readers and learners with a nice set of discussi
  7. Blowing up a hoolie here. The pouring rain is being blown through the tightly shut French doors. Things moving around on the deck in the gusts.
  8. I couldn't agree more. Although there are some notable cases where aid donations should be looked at with a very serious eye - India, Pakistan, Nigeria to name but three) there is no-one in this country that has to experience poverty and deprivation on anywhere near a scale experienced in the 3rd world. I suggest people go and visit a 3rd world country decimated by a natural disaster, BEFORE they start making comparisons.We should not be viewing this as an "either or" situation, as an economy we are rich enough to do both foreign aid and look after ourselves better. Don't penalise those who ha
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