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  1. Still snowing here in Cotswolds, not sure when it’s going to stop, Amber warning seems a bit Far East missing this area.
  2. Starting to mount up now in Cotswolds, couple of cm within a couple of hours. Hope it lasts all night.
  3. Just checked weather station logs and peaked at 31.9 here in Tetbury, Cotswolds. Last years record was 32.2 so did not quite beat it this time...was also the hottest month last year. Only had weather station 2 years but starting to see trend :-)
  4. Latest radar looks like they are starting south of me so hope they travel north and intensify :-))
  5. Cu seem to be building but prob local heating at moment, seems to be a lot of high cloud too
  6. Sunny here but cloud gathering high up cirrus and low Cumulus only 19c but was feeling humid ( which seems odd) when I went for a walk, t- shirt weather temp: 19c hum: 58 dew: 11c bar 1016.3hPa wind E/NE 5mph
  7. Misty start here then lifting and now drizzle turning to something heavier but still fighting to stay rain, only 2c but not no real sleet or snow yet. Think I'm on the battle line between the colder weather/ snow north and rain further south according to the snow radar :-(
  8. Hope we do get some white stuff, here on the cotswolds its: 4C, clear Dew point 2C 1004.8 hPa
  9. AcceptedPlanet

    Mountain Clouds

    Sierra Navada Mountains
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