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  1. There were a few sweet spots (Eastern coats/higher ground in Scotland) who bore the brunt, and I'm pleased for some areas of the South East and East Anglia in particular who saw some of their best snowfall for many a year. I still can't class it as a beast though. This wasn't a nationwide event, the impacts were extremely localised and very much focused on the eastern extremities. Whilst the rest of us felt cold, we only had a few days with flakes flying around in the air to appease our snow cravings! Down in my part I'll give this a 1/10. No ice, no frost, no laying snow. Just 1 or
  2. There were a line of showers geared for Southampton not so long ago, typically they petered out and shifted south. Although stop the press, I think I saw a flake in the wind! That pretty much summed up this 'beast' in these parts. More like a kitten. Overall another incredibly cold day. Nice bursts of sunshine as well. Still hoping for some snow at the weekend, but the holy grail for us South coasters is a channel low - who knows, we may get lucky over the coming weeks.
  3. It would feel such a waste to have to endure such cold air but actually get nothing from it bar some flakes floating around in the sky. No frost, no ice, no laying snow (in this part anyway) I'm still holding out hope for a battleground scenario, but even that looks slim for most of us now. Feels like we will just transition silently into milder air and bring in the inventible rain, which obviously won't miss us!
  4. I'm not sure I can class what we saw in Southampton overnight as 'snow'. I notice the local Daily Echo has a live blog on it, which I found a bit insane. Struggling to see anything this week for us, just looking for the breakdown and how this pans out. Still of the view we will remain in colder air until next week - this is just my hunch though. Only downside of that is it will be bone dry. It's been a really odd cold spell so far, impact very, very localised to the eastern extremities. Temps down into minus figures, overcast and grey for the rest of us meaning absolutely no m
  5. Can anyone get to this page? Southampton Weather - Live Weather Updates from Southampton Centre WWW.SOUTHAMPTONWEATHER.CO.UK Officially the most up-to-date weather reporting live from Southampton. With the very latest forecasts, charts, weather tv, marine info, astronomy and much more. I swear by this for temps and current conditions, but it seems to have gone down! Does anyone know of any other Southampton based stations?
  6. Agreed, brings most into the game in this region. But it shows the clear risk of milder air encroaching for the southern contingent amongst us. 😔
  7. The uncertainty is perfectly illustrated in this graphic: That shows a significant snow event right down the spine of the UK next Saturday, but it really is too far out to say that with any certainty. It really is on a knife edge. This chart shows that it's making a really good go at getting in, which brings a greater chance of snowfall for more...but also introduces the risk of milder air making more inroads. It is a really, really delicate balancing act. I really can't call it to be honest, could go 1 of 3 ways. - Front stalls west, no further than Devon - far SW could ge
  8. For me, the money is still on the 'cold block' holding out for the majority of the UK after this weekend. The only downside to that is that it will remain dry for pretty much everyone. To some of the more knowledgeable - what do we need to look for from the models in the short term, in order for this cold spell to create some instability/troughs etc? At the moment it looks pretty bland for the entire country.
  9. It almost certainly wouldn't be rain if that did clip the southern coasts.
  10. That's the one, we had another event later on in January but it was that one early on which was newsworthy. We had cars dumped absolutely everywhere, no one could move. Going by that, it looks to have been a forecast front so not an 'unexpected' event as such. What I'd give for something similar!
  11. It was touched on yesterday, but I'm really interested to know what brought that epic dumping in January 2010 to our parts? (The dumping which was suggesting 40cm for Southampton, it was lowered to around 15-20cm though). Thinking back that far, it feels as if this was quite an evolving situation but for the life of me, I cannot remember what the forecasts or models were showing for this. None of the historic threads in the model forum go back that far either. I'm just clutching at straws really, what do we need for a similar event? Was it a channel low that pushed a touch further no
  12. Little bit more intensity in the Central Southampton area at the moment, still very, very light in the main and thus struggling to settle on anything, but it's a noticeable pick up from what was floating around earlier.
  13. Could get more interesting into tonight/tomorrow as the winds veer, you'll see more convective activity. It will become very much a nowcast, stuff popping up when least expected. This is what happens when you get the cold air in situ for a couple of days.
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