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  2. tried the sunny climate hated it cowering indoors with air con on while outside temps were high, at least here we can wear layers of clothes in cold weather and go out, while in hotter weather its usually, bearable in the shade. The grass is not always greener on the other side, as we live on a beautiful island that many others wish they could come here also to live.
  3. grey overcast windy and cold here, now where is that central heating switch
  4. used heating last night as with hardly any sun all day and a cold wind our bungalow was very chilly by teatime, not getting enough daytime warmth to help the internal temps to stay up, life is too short to sit shivering so yes heating does go on.
  5. dry here but got a pesky cold wind and odd glimpse of sun, looks like heating will be needed again tonight.
  6. really horrible here overcast skies and cold wind feels more like early winter maybe that is a bit of an exageration
  7. dreary overcast evening looks like the heavens could open anytime soon very chilly as well.
  8. yes earlier we had a pleasant start to today but now odd glimpse of sun lots of cloud cover and it is not very warm out chilly breeze not helping matters.
  9. well at the moment we have a sunny morning, downside northerly breeze which seems to be with us for another week, but at least its dry.
  10. gloom utter gloom here, even the builders opposite are wearing fleeces and jumpers
  11. we seem to have the same conditions here gloomy and lights on, looks like rain but none forecast
  12. dont know about weeds we seem to have been inundated with alien species or triffids,
  13. much the same here even now but with an odd shower, next week we seem to have the cold northly wind to spoil what could be a pleasant week.
  14. ok stop the gloating, we have an absolutely dire day here grey no sun and chilly breeze with the odd shower for good measure
  15. as you seem to travel around a lot maybe thats why you do not have the same impression of this summer as most of us have who have not had the luxury of travelling around
  16. could be because heavy rain or stormy weather is on its way, another grey murky one here couple of splashes of rain on the window how exciting
  17. Seems most of us are properly cheesed off with this apology of an august all i can say is roll on september
  18. yesterday was quite pleasant but its all downhill today overcast sky and chilly strong breeze quite gusty in fact, is it hello autumn now ???
  19. got a feeling all the wasps have migrated north where all the good weather seems to be as we definately dont have it here nor the wasps YET!!!
  20. Had a really warm pleasant one here, and all the bushes trees and shrubs have taken on gigantic proportions now.
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