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  1. Morning everyone. A very good morning to those that live anywhere near the Thames estuary 😎😘
  2. Unless my eyes deceive me, those showers in the estuary are getting clumpier and heavier in nature. This could be a great few hours...
  3. Was just going to say similar... definitely puts the indicator on slightly coming across the estuary.
  4. SE Essex doing well tonight... been heavy snow for 2 hours now under that patch.... hope everyone has got some!
  5. I think you’re right. Bang under the darker pinks on the radar and it’s very light indeed.
  6. If SE Essex doesn’t get 5cm out of this streamer on the radar, I will eat my hat.
  7. Just started here in Benfleet.... looks to have intensified over the estuary over the last 30 mins on the radar
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