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  1. something is falling in Hornsea!! I am not actually sure what to call it. Its not snow but its frozen but tiny tiny flakes melting on impact. I guess its a start !!
  2. I think I will be doing the same!! Seems we wont have far to travel though lol
  3. I bet my life on that being wrong as hornsea is right under it. The weather gods will currently be scrambling to change its course
  4. Yes me too in hornsea. We really ought to move away from the coast if we love snow so much ... or spend our winters in the Alps
  5. although if it does actually snow in hornsea ( like hens teeth ) the rest of the region will be plastered!!
  6. they are crap arent they - it really annoys me at work people use them --- ooh in 10 mins its going to rain for 1 hour LOL
  7. some of those include hornsea and grimsby it must be wrong LOL
  8. same here in hornsea!! the perils of living right by the sea grrrrrrrr this might just be the time massive fingers crossed
  9. as others have said in these situations best to just look out of the window and forget computers LOL
  10. hi Seems a bit odd that Icon has literally nothing on the East side by monday 9am all the way from North East Right down to the Wash? That seems a massive area of Yorkshire right near the easterly to get Zilch? Are we assuming it doesnt factor in showers?
  11. I am not sure sorry i would have thought so as you are inland so not as marginal as coast here. Do you tend to get snow on easterlies usually? At least you have had 3 falls lol - here in Hornsea we have not even seen one flake this winter, just rain rain and more rain !
  12. yeah me too!! told family etc to stock up and not drive anywhere. it might end up being us driving somewhere to see the snow!! LOL Im in hornsea here
  13. fingers crossed!!! if i miss out totally in hornsea it doesnt look like i will have too far to drive to find some snow LOL
  14. Thank you for the reply - and the welcome that makes sense!! I have lived here a few years but having moved from high up in west yorkshire its very different here. We have had snow here in last few years namely the 2018 "beast from the east" but it was only a few cm's. I will keep my fingers crossed that we may finally be in a good position with this current setup
  15. Hi there can any experts shed any light on why all the models seem to show Hornsea area getting pretty much nothing? We are right on the east coast which looks like it should be a good place to get snow from an easterly but yet all the forecast maps that people are posting show hardly anything? As an avid snow lover I have spent the last few weeks seeing family in south and west yorkshire posting all their snow pics and now I finally think its our time and we should have a really good chance being right in the east, all the maps pretty much show zilch for here but again south and west yorkshire showing loads of snow? any ideas?
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