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  1. Its snowed every day in hornsea as well was not expecting it !! Hopefully we will get more chances before winter out
  2. just stopped in Hornsea. Measured outside for first time 5cm on level parts of paths etc obviously parts with a lot more and 10 cm on grass. It is definitely the most snow ive seen here for years. I think there is another shower inbound on the radar. It seems today the showers have got steadily better which is totally the opposite of what I expected and getting bigger flakes too. Fingers crossed for you guys later inland
  3. heaviest of the whole thing so far in Hornsea - road covered in 5 mins and everything that melted in the sun earlier. If this was the afore mentioned "streamer" it would be epic. We have done quite well here overall for the amount of showers we have had so am pleased
  4. had on and off showers all morning here on the coast - last one wasnt as big but one before it gave us the best covering since it started so fingers crossed!!!
  5. a lot of the models 2 days ago were showing nothing accumulated from there down to hornsea but they were totally wrong IMO
  6. could that streamer have set itself up any closer to Hornsea without actually being over us!!! pmsl
  7. best one so far of this easterly just now in hornsea!! all white again. definitely something is beefing up now
  8. If it stayed like this we would have loads. its just 5 mins then it stops!! 707615908_20210208_0856431.mp4
  9. it is the currently the heaviest its been the whole time in Hornsea literally 3 mins and everywhere is totally white ( even on the road ) Iron Bru - biggest flakes so far so you never know!! keep the faith!!! If this was a streamer and didn't keep stopping every few mins it would amount to a load but so far 5 mins is max before it stops again
  10. Im sure there is a scientific/meterological reason but the flakes are just so small combined with high wind gusts it struggling to settle
  11. So pleased for you !! I have just woken up to a covering in hornsea as well !!
  12. A few bigger flakes coming down in hornsea in the lamplight
  13. OMG my other called called me Victor Meldrew this morning cos it wasnt snowing but got the name wrong and said Victor MILDEW pmsl
  14. Yes best to just look out of window once you get the general setup ha ha
  15. Me too the only green patch on the entire eastern side of the uk is over hornsea and immediate inland areas. How could that possibly happen? What is it about this place that seems to repel the snow LOL
  16. agreed!!!!! it was white over 10 mins ago here and now all melted!! I wasnt expecting any melting with it being so cold
  17. its gone white in Hornsea!!! OF GRAUPEL !! but its the first time this winter ANYTHING white has settled so I will take it !!
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