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  1. MO app shows a yellow warning for me. Went to bed with no precipitation forecast, it now shows very heavy snow from 8am for 5 hours and then light snow for 3 hours. Crazy! I'm not convinced though...
  2. Less snow than a few weeks ago actually, more like a thin layer here. Can't complain though!
  3. It is good to hear, isn't it! The MO app has updated with various points today that I could get snow, but I'm not holding out much hope for anything more than what we have had this morning
  4. It's been snowing here since at least 5am. Good covering so far, haven't ventured out fully yet to see how much. Looks somewhat similar to what we had a few weeks ago!
  5. It is really nice when the sun comes out. As nice as snow is, I am looking forward to warm days, that's for sure!
  6. Yellow warning for Thursday and Friday for me now... Realistically, could we get any decent covering? A few weeks ago we were only forecast a tiny bit and ended up getting 3-4cm, which is nice enough!
  7. Yellow warning is a good sign, I've got about 8 hours of snow forecast tomorrow on the MO app. Fingers crossed!
  8. Persistent light snow here now. Getting heavier by the minute! The radar shows we are just on the edge of a large band of it. It seemed to appear out of nowhere, weirdly
  9. Nice to see some areas near me getting snow! None where I work currently, but MO shows a few hours of snow this morning, so who knows? Still holding out hope for Thursday/Friday. Lovely dry, cold morning so far though! -2 at home, but no frost whatsoever
  10. Well it now shows barely any snow Thursday, but more Friday...! I went to Princetown on NYE and there was a good covering of snow there then. You can always rely on there being much more snow there!
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