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  1. Would be very interesting to hear GP's further thoughts this morning given the overnight runs which appear to be coming together towards a more mobile and westerly dominated spell next week. The EC signal from yesterday has disappeared. Others have mentioned that Nina conditions are interfering and sometimes over-riding other teleconnevtive signals. I'm wondering whether we are continuing to see this played out and hence the current output.
  2. Yes, I am the same. I live on the North Norfolk coast and it's amazing how high dew points can scupper any snow here. Was horrible to see all the reports of snow yesterday, even in London, but up here in Norfolk not one snow flake did I see. Mind you, virtually all of Norfolk was the same. I'm convinced I have a snow shield around me. The snow obsession is like an addiction once it takes hold!
  3. I just want one relatively normal month of weather. I don't want April/May warmth at the beginning of March. Yes some sun and dry would be welcome but some normal temps and frosty nights would feel more seasonal. This has been a truly awful few months and I'd like a bit of normality to prevail.
  4. Couldn't agree more. So frustrating but always on the cards with the jet powering up? The 240 chart from last night's 12h also suggested this. I guess we've seen this week that FI is at a short timescale but we seem to be stuck in a rut of nomansland at present.
  5. Seems as if it's a case of two steps forward and two steps back and so on and so on with us left in a bit of a stalemate position. Not sure whether the block to the east is a help or a hindrance. Lows stalling over the UK for the next few days as they run into the block so it looks like more of the same although perhaps a bit cooler. Jet then looks to power up towards the end of next week as a massive cold plunge takes hold of the US again. Both GFS/ECM have this powering through us at 240 with the resurgence of potential stormy weather. Looks to me as if it would be difficult for that blo
  6. || I am glad you responded to this Steve as I was about to post something on your behalf! I really appreciated your original post - it's good to get a reality check into this thread. Whist I do appreciate this is a stratosphere temperature watch thread, I think it's most useful when this is discussed within the context of the many other variables which can affect our weather and all the associated complexities and uncertainties surrounding how these all interact. You also explain things in a way which is understanable to those of us with less technical knowledge so please keep posting!!
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