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  1. Anyone wanting for a lovely start to May look away now!🤮
  2. The very dry April continues as ECM shows practically no proper rain in sight up the beginning of May!💀
  3. Temperatures likely to be around the 10-14°C mark for the foreseeable which will feel very pleasant in any sunshine with the settled theme of weather continuing.☀ Ongoing frost risk under any clear skies.❄
  4. Still looking on course to be a very dry April. Barley any rainfall showing up to the 27th for many parts of the UK.💀
  5. A warming trend showing up on the GFS 12z ensembles as we head into next week showing temps into the mid-teens widely with plenty of dry weather.☀📈👍 Damaging frost risk remains unfortunately.❄
  6. Looking like we will finally have high pressure moving in over to our east. This would turn things a lot more settled and bring temperatures back to to around average.👍
  7. Looking like we'll finally see a recovery as we head into mid April with temperatures back into double figures widely.📈 Still looking be on the showery side tho but there should be plenty of dry weather too!👍
  8. Looking likely will see another northerly plunge over this weekend bringing cold temperatures, frosty nights and the risk of more snow for some.❄
  9. The cold weather will never be too far away as it's looking like we could see another plunge of northerly winds at the end of this week which would give an ongoing risk of snow.❄
  10. Wintry showers are likely to be more widespread tomorrow. Initially in Scotland at first but becoming more widespread for many parts of England and Wales.❄️ As always showers are hit and miss so not everybody see one.
  11. GFS ensembles generally keeping things on the cool/cold side for the foreseeable. Signs of maybe a recovery near the end but too far off yet. Looks like warm weather fans will have to wait a bit...
  12. Some extremely low dew points this afternoon going down to -14°C! The air is incredibly dry. As mentioned yesterday this isn't good if you want wintry showers as the dry air prevents any convection from building hence the dry radar for much of the UK.
  13. The cold air is well and truly here now with many reports of snow flurries being seen widely this morning.❄️ Just been outside and that wind is raw!🥶
  14. Cold air has fully arrived in Scotland with a huge drop in the temperatures and widespread snow showers.📉❄️ The cold air will be with us all by tomorrow morning.
  15. Incredibly low dew points for tomorrow going down to -14°C on GFS 12z! Wouldn't be good for convection if you want wintry showers as the air will be extremely dry.
  16. A very pleasant Easter Sunday coming up with plenty of sunshine and temps in the low to mid teens widely but don't let that fool you!☀ Overnight Sunday into Easter Monday brings in very cold northerly winds with possible wintry showers in places.❄
  17. Signs of a warming trend as we approach mid-month with the GFS 12z ensembles with some of these ensemble members going quite warm📈 Still a way off yet but hopefully signals grow🤞
  18. Pretty crazy to still be seeing these insane GFS perturbations at only 4 days away LOL! P10 pushing -20 at 850hPa for some parts!
  19. Latest GFS 12z is another very cold run with the chance of wintry showers just about anywhere📉 Next week is looking very interesting❄
  20. From summer like low twenties and sunshine to temperatures struggling to get above 6C at best with the chance of snow next week.🔥❄️ You’ve just got to love UK weather.👍😂
  21. My time-lapse of 30th March 2021. Fantastic Spring Day!☀🌡 Got up to 21.0°C here in Northants and 24.5°C at Kew Gardens making it the warmest March day since 1968!🔥
  22. A lovely 3 days coming up! Plenty of sunshine and temperatures widely in the high teens and possibly low twenties especially for England & Wales☀🌡😎 Do make the most of it tho as things look set to turn colder by the weekend📉
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