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  1. SO true about Southend! My standard guess for BBC coverage is Thanet haha. Yep absolutely, delay to vaccine, missed target ("begs the question - why weren't we prepared for snow?" etc etc), potential knock-on effects on loosening of restrictions...the list goes on. I don't think I'll be able to resist seeing if we're right - I'll be watching!!
  2. Good call. Just been out to fill them up myself, and some more seeds are coming in the delivery this morning! 🐤
  3. Another tradition I just remembered - not that I'm at school anymore! - was obsessively checking the school website and local radio station websites, and frantically texting all my friends to try and establish whether school was open or not. I remember quite often all of the sites would crash because there was so much traffic! Most of the snow days we got off school, but I remember one devastating day in the January 2010 snow week (of met office red warning fame!!) where we were the only school in all of Wokingham to open, and in our school, mine was the only year group to have to go in!
  4. Great posts @Azazel - think I'll steal the bacon sandwiches idea and quite possibly the roast too! Love the Beacon Hill story! My sledging spot was a fairly modest hill going down alongside some steps (with metal railings) into a field - I still wince when I think about going down on my sledge backwards, picking up speed, and coming within a whisker of smashing into the metal! I think that would have been January 2010, though possibly February or December 2009. Good point @damianslaw - I reckon snow will get the top spot on news coverage but they'll inevitably find a way to link it to cov
  5. Thanks everyone for the replies, and to @Paul for sharing on Twitter and in the other thread! Some really nice, fun and interesting traditions to read about! @saintkip totally agree about watching the snow by the fire with red wine, and the tradition of a hangover - it's especially harsh in the bright white of snowy surroundings!! I laughed out loud at "Result." hahaha. @Frosty the Snowman completely agree about youtube videos, totally forgot about doing that! Looking up Highlands homes is the kind of thing I could get into, too... As for Christmas decorations, I insisted we left our
  6. Hello everyone! ❄️☃️ Disclaimer - this is my first post and I am conscious that it might be against the rules to start a new topic for something like this, but I thought I'd give it a go... Mods, please move/delete as you see fit 🙂 Now that it seems we can all feel confident that proper cold is on the way, with decent snow opportunities likely to appear all over the place, I thought it would be fun to share some of our traditions that we may have ahead of cold and snow arriving. That is of course assuming that you all have traditions - I certainly have a few... I first started r
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