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  1. Just had fairly heavy but brief hail, followed by snow (still snowing now and a dusting on the ground)
  2. Precipitation seems to be fizzling out before it gets here at the moment, very little bar the occasional spot of rain so far.
  3. Very light rain started here now. Nearest station showing temp as 6.3C with a dewpoint of 2C and slightly on the rise again at the moment.
  4. Just seen on Twitter that our area is not sending out the gritters tonight. Hey ho....
  5. That's very localised, nowt here in Deepcut! Edit: Hang on, very light snow again
  6. Literally 10 seconds of fluffy snow in Deepcut. Worth the two year wait.
  7. Thames is now at it's highest for years after the sustained rain, definitely the worst flooding I've seen on this stretch for a long while http://www.flickr.com/photos/markqpr/sets/72157639661415906/
  8. Spotted a couple of links on my Flickr page from here, so I thought I'd share a few of my recent shots. flight preparation... by markhortonphotography, on Flickr Cockchafer (melolontha melolontha) by markhortonphotography, on Flickr it begins... by markhortonphotography, on Flickr European Hornet (vespa crabro) by markhortonphotography, on Flickr A link here to my favourite shots of the last year. http://www.flickr.com/photos/markqpr/sets/72157639036914836/
  9. Slightly irritated by the 7-day forecast for the last few days. Has told me it will be 0% cloud cover, and each day has been like today, 100% cloud cover until early evening and occasionally drizzly. Grr
  10. Really love that first one 4wd, brilliant shot!! Welford Park today, soooo cold... River Lambourn at Welford Park by MarkQPR, on Flickr
  11. let's warm it up a touch by MarkQPR, on Flickr Gothic Temple ceiling by MarkQPR, on Flickr
  12. Gothic Temple vista…. by MarkQPR, on Flickr fading power by MarkQPR, on Flickr
  13. My favourite insect shots of 2011 ...then you fold the leaf lengthways, like this... by MarkQPR, on Flickr anthocharis cardamines - male by MarkQPR, on Flickr
  14. IMG_0071.jpg by MarkQPR, on Flickr Mute Swan by MarkQPR, on Flickr
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