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  1. Bit of fatty flakes here in Marlow. Now sun coming out. 20210209_141838.mp4
  2. It is sad not seeing a proper snow event in these charts.. at least from South East (west london) to west which have been completly dry. Wasted cold.. Let's hope for some upgrades.
  3. Bit of dust covering here in Marlow after a completly dry day. Nothing so exciting but always nice to see it falling. 20210208_160918.mp4
  4. Something developing in north london. Seeing some flakes here in marlow now
  5. Wondering why convection is happening only from midland to up north but nothing in SE inland?
  6. Im wondering why convention is happening only from midlands to up north but nothing in the south east inland?
  7. As always too far away. I bet all my money it will change🤣
  8. Wish to see LPs developing in these charts with all this cold coming in🙏
  9. First super tiny flakes here in Marlow (Bucks) blown from the wind
  10. Good luck for everyone tomorrow. Probably here in Marlow (Bucks) will be a hit and miss. Let's hope for more events next week😎
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