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  1. So it’s looking like rain starting around 6am Friday morning until midnight Saturday!!! Not great for a already sodden Pembrokeshire.
  2. And it’s stopped!! 2 hours of snow, freezing rain and now a little sleet
  3. First time I’ve ever heard snow hitting a window!!! Big flakes coming down with a hail mixture
  4. Temp 0.5 , dew point -2.5 c wind 25mph , gusting 45 mph ! Waiting patiently for the front to push in
  5. I feel your pain ! The precipitation is just breaking up against the cold block !
  6. Will we see a warning for Pembrokeshire for Saturday morning? Most models show a mix of rain/sleet/ snow approaching here 🤞
  7. It’s like there the wrong way round! 09z looks like the front approaching. 06z the front already clipping the coast
  8. The met app keeps changing! 11am or so it showed light snow from 6pm - 3 am for here in Milford Haven Thursday/Friday Then 12pm update now snow 🤷‍♂️ I realise these apps are rubbish but surely there should be some agreement by now !?
  9. Yes and I seems to be edging north rather than south with every run ! Something to keep a eye on for sure 👍
  10. Ecm12z different from this mornings run but it looks like the lows are to progressive in the Atlantic as others have said. Let’s see what tomorrow’s runs say 👍
  11. Surely a high that size is going to help keep the colder air below it in place for longer ?
  12. I’m hoping the 12z ecm is like the 00z run from this morning for next week wed/thur ! Cracking snow chances with the Atlantic nudging in against the cold
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