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  1. Police might want to look in the Highlands for the thief, going by the amount of snow.
  2. The Jet Stream. You surely must be joking if you claim not to know it's effects on the UK as z long time poster on here? Anyway Atlantic returns from now on with things back to normal.
  3. Bloody hell. Quiet in here. We all given up on Sat/Sun then?
  4. It's only hilarious because the police managed to stop him. Headline could easily have been 'Dangerous Driver kills cyclist/schoolchildren." Bloody ridiculous anybody could look at that car and think it's safe to drive.
  5. Probably be another 25 years wait, I'm unlikely to wait that long
  6. 4/10 at most. A little bit nippy - especially the last few nights getting down to -5/6 overnight, but not even the most snowy period of this winter round here, a covering at most one day. Awful. Would have took sunshine, mild and rain showers above a snowless Easterly like this.
  7. It looks as though this cold spell has been predictably naff in this part of the country - not even the best cold spell of the winter imby - the temps are probably a little bit lower than they got during the far snowier spell between the 27th December and the middle of January, an Easterly reliant on convective snow is just a poor option for our area, I posted a picture early today showing the issue in our regional thread with the Yorkshire Dales to our North East and the Pennines to our South East there's only a narrow band of space for any Easterly convection to make it through, sadly and it
  8. To be fair that's exactly what the warning is saying 'Unlikely but High Impact'
  9. There's the two main directions snow have come from next week. No wonder @chicken soup was so adamant that Easterly's would be crap in this neck of the woods. Awful cold spell, woke up to a covering one day and dustings the rest but with 600m hills to kill precip from one direction and 500m hills to kill it from another direction, no wonder it's dung. All eyes on breakdown.
  10. If these showers can't start surviving the Pennines could be some good falls. Each one seems to be getting further than the last so far.
  11. Just got a light snow flurry here, certainly looks a bit heavier than radar says it is. Looks as though showers from the NE could be making it through - we'll know for certain when we see what this does
  12. Beautifully sunny here. If it weren't for the fact my phone is suggesting it's - 4 degrees and it feels that cold putting the dog out, you could have tricked me into believing it was late April
  13. Why the hell are they shoveling the grit out of the back of a van rather than just driving a spreader through?
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