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  1. Morning, well that was an event that promised so much and delivered so little. It just never felt quite cold enough and with all those gaps in the precipitation, we just didn't get enough of the heavy stuff. On the plus side, I'm flying to Italy tomorrow so Gatwick should be functioning and it's snowing heavily in the mountains today!
  2. Quite a lot of snowflakes out there, but having very little impact, really must get some sleep. Damn those met office graphics
  3. One *last look out the front window before sleep and there is snow in the air but not convinced any of it is actually landing, just recirculating, frustrating. *Might just check again in a bit
  4. Latest BBC forecast was a bit underwhelming 🙄
  5. Mine's the same, where's that going to come from?
  6. Still snowing lightly here, and the great thing about having the dry cold in first, is that not a single flake is wasted. Everything that comes down is still out there somewhere😊 (Wallington)
  7. Snowing in Wallington🌨️
  8. And I sing it in my head every time I see or hear his name😄
  9. This is so distracting, have lots to do but can't stop reading the forum and looking out the front door😄
  10. Did you photoshop that to keep us all happy😂
  11. Met Office is going for snow at 10pm tomorrow now, so maybe no rush hour chaos after all? Disappointing😉
  12. Nice to see our patience rewarded today, for a while there, it looked like we were all eagerly awaiting a short rain to sleet affair 😁
  13. Still snowing heavily in Wallington and now settling on the wet pavements too. Going to be tricky out there tomorrow morning!
  14. Snow in Wallington🌨️