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  1. Agree, I've just watched it too and now understand why the forecasts are so flaky this week. Wasn't too keen on the big patches of blue over the south - going to have a hard time dodging the rain this weekend!
  2. OK, so is it worth me heading to Dorset for a long weekend as planned, or am I really going to spend all of it inside a motorhome sheltering from the incessant rain in danger of going stir crazy? Surely there a small chance of it just being showers, and I might even get the chance of a bit of outdoor activity? So frustrating, desperate to get away somewhere now.
  3. All my young plants in pots are kept in trays to help with the watering - today they were drowning - had to do an emergency evacuation between the downpours
  4. So dark down here tonight. Feet are maybe a bit too toasty now though🤣
  5. Somewhere in between. I haven't taken a week off to do gardening, but quite often do that in the rain! I just like not having to pack for every eventuality, I want to go walking and cycling without having to worry about inclement weather, and paddleboard too, so was hoping to get out on the sea, and if I can add a bit of swimming and eating breakfast and dinner outside it will be perfect. Don't need a heatwave, just what I would consider pleasant summer weather i.e. 23c to 25c with a light breeze, please.
  6. It is the moan thread 🤪. unsettled yes, temps under 20 unacceptable. 2018 was my dream summer, I guess if it is a 1 week blip and July delivers I'll be happy. Just happened to book this coming week off work to go camping.
  7. I've had to get my slippers out again tonight, might be a bit humid but cool and damp isn't much fun
  8. Dreadful isn't it - this morning I felt like I was in tropics and now we've skipped a season😢
  9. OK, fair enough, I nearly wrote 21c, then thought - no, it's summer I deserve more! I kind of agree at this time of year the sun is hot so provided it stays out and there isn't a freezing cold wind, 21 is acceptable for most outdoor activities, although I'd prefer more c if I wanted to spend time on the water based stuff I like. If I get wet I want to dry quickly without shivering. I was hoping to travel outside the London area for a week away somewhere - doesn't look like anywhere within sensible driving distance will escape the dull forecast.
  10. I've popped in here for a small tantrum. What a rubbish forecast. After a couple of weeks of this glorious weather, the misery of April and May seemed like a distant memory. The garden was finally catching up with summer, the veg started growing, out came the t-shirts, shorts and flip flops, and the wood burner had a clean, hoping not to use it again until October or November. Booked a week off work thinking how bad can it be - don't mind a showery day or two, but anything under about 23c is just not Summer. I've cancelled the holiday and restocked the wood pile for the cool evenings next week
  11. The weather on my morning run today was quite a contrast to the last couple of weeks - very humid and misty and quite atmospheric, then it started to rain, but warm rain so that's fine, however it's feeling rather cool here now - might have to put some socks on. Better get used to it if the forecast is anything to go by, and stock up with firewood again🤪
  12. I am loving this weather, next best thing to being abroad, I'd happily have this for the rest of the Summer. My careful curtain/window management system is stopping the house from getting unbearably hot, and the washing can dry on the line outside in an hour or so. It is such a shame that it is coming to an end just as I booked a week off work. We were intending to take the motorhome exploring and spend some time at the beach so I feel rather downhearted to have timed things so badly. It's not a complete bust yet but reliable warmth means less contingency planning!
  13. It was a perfect - only caught up with a bit of rain on the drive home - love these warm summer evenings
  14. We had a pleasant weekend in the sussex countryside but my goodness that NE wind blowing straight into the motohome door took the edge off things! Good cycling weather though and I'm so pleased with the way things are looking for the rest of June, I've booked a week off work for the 19th. Now, will today's storms hold off long enough for me to make my way to the Thames - maybe I'll get a live report from @Reefseeker later:)
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