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  1. Ah yes that’s what I meant. No idea why I put 10cm, thank you.
  2. Is the conversation rate of precipitation around 1mm of rain for 10cm snow?
  3. All the stories in here from 82 are fantastic. Wasn’t born to see that so would love us to have that this year, as unlikely as that is!
  4. Did the 1982 event originate in the East as this one is do you know?
  5. Thanks so much. Still a while a way but that's potentially exciting
  6. This is likely a very stupid question but what is the difference between the colour in a block and the stripy one?
  7. Do we think the potential snow from the east would make it all the way to the left?
  8. South West Wales/England seem to miss out on the fun here unfortunately
  9. Over in the model thread.. there's a lot of hype with the GFS 12z run for historic snow in the UK. South West Wales looks to miss out with anything substantial. Hopefully we can grab a decent drop considering the rest of the UK seems to be!
  10. Is there potential in these models of a historic cold spell? Something in line with some of the famous winters of past?
  11. Does anyone remember how some previous cold spells such as 2018, 2010 etc were reflected in the models? Were they consistent across the board at this stage or were there inconsistencies as there are now? Separately, how does what the cold models now are showing compare to some of the famous cold spells from previous years 1987, 60s etc?
  12. Comparison of last 4 runs. Outside chance that it could clash with the rain if the trend continues?
  13. Low looks like it's creeping south on the latest run.. Could it turn some of this stormy rain in the South Wales/England into snow if its drops further south?
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